What You can do with Your Smartphones to Earn Money

Smartphones have changed the world of mobile telecommunication as well as the way people work, attend to schedules, do meetings, and associate with friends, families, and other loved ones. In the past, we had to go to the office to get our works done and even a lot of us had to be employed by a boss who would expect us to put on a tie and wake up to work as early as 8:00AM but with smartphones, a lot of changed and people are even earning enough to make a living via their smartphone.

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When people started using smartphones to make money, they started with surveys and reviews. This type of job gave a lot of people an understanding to how being self-employed looked like and how they could earn from the phone. Now, a lot of means to earn money online are available and we are now opened to them.

Another means is selling books online to readers. Amazon started with this and now a lot of people are now ebook sellers as they sell stories, novels, scripts and manuscripts online for potential consumers. I saw recently that some students started renting access to books online at a cheaper rate to the price it would cost to buy.

Managing social media is now a career, rewind back to a few years, people weren’t managing social media accounts and at such there was no such job available but thanks to smart phones, celebrities and billionaires have to hire people to manage their social media pages and handles which can be done on smartphones. Being an influencer is also another way to make money online using your smartphone.

Blogging, Virtual assistance, and freelancing is another impressive way to make money online. The blogging industry is still one industry that is growing fast and also the freelancing market is a market where people are still well needed. A lot of companies and people need people they will not pay as staffs rather they will just pay for their services whenever they need them and this is where freelancing comes in. People now help a lot of people book meetings, pick calls, organize their day and so on and this can be done with a mobile phone thereby creating the role of a virtual assistance.

Our phone has placed a lot of powers in our hands thereby making a lot of us self-employed. Other things we can do with our phones include virtual tutor, transcription, professional closer who close sales and deals. You should start utilizing your phone from now, if you have not been using your phone for what it is meant for.


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