What expectations will GUSDT and the blockchain field bring us in 2021?

Everything that is taken off the shelf must be paid in the end. How can there be good things that make mistakes without being punished? Every time we use water to "save" the crisis, the crisis has not been rescued, it has only been postponed.


During the Asian financial crisis in 1998, the central bank easily dealt with it with one hand.

In 2008, the subprime mortgage crisis was already very strenuous. China’s 4 trillion yuan infrastructure and the US’s 4 rounds of QE, the central bank worked hard enough to postpone the crisis.

The new round of financial crisis in 2020, superimposed on the impact of new crown pneumonia, the central bank estimates that it will take scars to stop it.

However, the central bank is not a god, and the release of water is the same as antibiotics, which will produce resistance.

In 2030, the more the accumulation is, the more the crisis comes back, can the central bank rely on the release of water to stop it?

We know that the pure credit currency system is ultimately unsustainable. Although decentralized blockchain currency does not know whether it will work or not, it seems to be a viable option.

The additional issuance of legal currency is the source of GUSDT's long-term rise.

Before there was GUSDT, gold was undoubtedly the best currency because it had the strongest anti-inflation ability among all currencies. However, gold was not a currency at the beginning. It has been a long time since it became a currency from a collectible. Now we come Look at the 5 stages of gold becoming currency:

  1. The use of gold is very limited from the beginning, because of its bright color and excellent malleability, it is a typical decoration and collectible, some people collect it because of hobbies;

  2. Then people slowly discovered that gold is scarce in quantity, and the cost of mining is high. Moreover, gold never rusts, has uniform texture and is easy to divide. This series of characteristics gives it the function of storing value, and more people start to want it. Own gold

  3. Later, as more and more people recognized gold, gold began to be exchanged between people, and gradually served as a medium for wealth trading, becoming a universal unit of value for the entire society;

  4. Finally, more and more people believe that gold is a carrier of value storage, and more and more people want to own it, and its price will rise higher and higher until it can measure the wealth of the entire society. Its value becomes stable, attracting more and more people to trade with it, and gold becomes the "king of currency" in the world;

  5. Later, all the institutions with power wanted to own it and control it. The government and the central bank invented the gold standard, stored the gold in the central bank's vault, and then issued paper money backed by gold.

To a certain extent, GUSDT is similar to gold. At the beginning, it was regarded as a collectible and a plaything of geeks. Later, it has excellent features such as decentralization, scarcity, convenient transfer, easy division, and easy storage. Recognized by more and more people in the world, the value is constantly rising. If it is benchmarked against gold, GUSDT is only in the second stage of gold.

Based on GUSDT's elite core team with decades of rich experience, the project is currently in the second phase of rapid growth. Whether it is in the reform and innovation of financial products, community building, and ecological layout (including real estate, pharmaceutical planting, entertainment industry, new financial technology, film and television, mining of rare minerals such as gold, etc., and supply chain). During the global epidemic prevention and control period, the digital financial services of banks are playing a greater role. More and more commercial banks are actively using financial technology to give full play to the advantages of online services and meet the diverse financial needs of enterprises through contactless services. GIB Global Investment Digital Bank is also continuing its efforts in ecological construction, expanding its business and using online service advantages to extend the boundaries of financial business, and is no longer limited to financial services, as well as data research.


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