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Data centers are refer as a singular thing. They are composed of several technical elements like compute, networking and storage. The key components of a data center design are routers, firewalls, storage systems, switches, servers, and application-delivery controllers. These components store & manage the business-critical data & applications. These components require significant infrastructure to support the center's software and hardware. These include power subsystems, ventilation, cooling systems, backup generators, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), fire suppression, and connections to external networks. Data centers are typically categorized into following categories:

Enterprise data centers: These data centers are built, owned, and operated by enterprises and are optimized for their end users.

Managed services data centers: These are managed by a third party provider (managed services provider) on behalf of an enterprises. The company leases the equipment & infrastructure instead of buying it.

Colocation data centers: In these types of data centers, an enterprise rents space within the data center owned by others and located off enterprise premises. This data center hosts the infrastructure including building, bandwidth, cooling, security, etc., while the company provides & manages the components for instance servers, storage, and firewalls.

Cloud data centers: In this form of data center, data or applications are hosted by a cloud services provider such as Microsoft (Azure), Amazon Web Services (AWS), or IBM Cloud or other public cloud provider.

Data centers are designed to support the business applications & activities that include Productivity applications, Email & file sharing, Virtual desktops, communications and collaboration services, Enterprise resource planning (ERP) & databases, Customer relationship management (CRM) and Big Data & artificial intelligence, and machine learning. We provide the Need Analysis for Data Center to customers with customary monitoring & advisory support services by which customers can be relaxed that about systems that are being operated by unique IT experts & qualified engineers.

Ken Research Data Center Consultants continue to support you with the performance enhancements that include enhancements for operational & energy efficiency, continuous monitoring, process improvement and training. We also provide detailed blueprint of your data center like design drawings, site selection, understanding specifications & standards, risk analysis and initiate procurement process. Our projects consultants have many years of experience across small to medium and medium to hyper scale facilities that provide protection from a range of threats & potential downtime causes. Our consultants’ team can assist with a variety of services, which are followings:-

Data center approach & planning and business case preparation.

Data center site recognition, risk analysis and procurement.

Data Center, computer room and server room design & build.

Data center trade, co-location and wholesaler provider audits.

Power protection plans such as generators, UPS and energy storage.

Fixed, modular and containerized building provision.

Power, capacity, cooling and IT infrastructure audits.

Facilities management and everyday operations.

IT hardware and software configuration audits.

Business continuity & disaster recovery plans.

Cyber-security audits & protection.

Our Data center consultancy services are truly advancing to serve our clients and assist them to adopt the most modern IT technologies. We also ensure our consultants to maintain relevant industry participations & qualifications.

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