Tips and Tricks | Get Instagram account verified in 5 steps

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You will be showed how to easily get verified on Instagram in this guide

There is a 5 failproof steps for any account to get verified on Instagram. The steps are tested and trusted by many people out there.

Follow the steps below to get your Instagram account verified. Who doesn't love the blue tick.

Instagram account verification

Step 1.

Revamp your Instagram account. Make it look professional with no spammy content. Ensure your posts are original contents and no reposts whatsoever. If you are operating a B2C Instagram account, you might want to take a break and post more of original contents.

Step 2.

Tweak your Instagram Bio and last 3 posts caption to be global. I mean Instagram won't verify Ikeja electrical works but will hastily verify Ola global ventures. You need to lie a bit here. Put out stuffs and projects you have done in other countries. Let Instagram know you aren't local but global.

This should reflect in your bio and atleast last 3 posts.

Step 3.

Create 3 other fake Instagram accounts from different device, browser, emails, and IPs at different times. This mean you should allow like 2 days interval between creation of the accounts.

Step 4.

Instagram account reporting

Wait for 1 or 2 weeks then ask couple of friends to report one of the accounts for impersonating your account. Remember the fake account has a name close to yours and has stolen your contents. This will fool Instagram.

Step 5.

Instagram will respond by deleting the account after couple of friends have reported. You should apply for verification and you are done. Verification application takes about 5 days to get a reply. You will get a positive response from them.

If it's no, repeat step 4 and 5 with the other 2 fake accounts created. You will definitely get the verification badge before the third fake account is reported.

Remember that changing your username will result in removal of your verification badge.

This post is for educational purposes and must not be misused.

Goodluck and enjoy the blue tick.

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