Things you need to follow for better monthly saving

I always read about money-saving methods, many of them seem to be easily done, others are too complicated due to different circumstances or different lifestyle...etc.

I decided to gather the simplest ones that can be easily done, some of them you might find out that you are already doing without noticing, I will make them all as tips so they can be easily followed since some strategies take time to be explained or even time to notice their effect on your life. Let me start ordering them for you from the most effective and important in my opinion to the least effective or important.


1-Stop using your credit card to buy things... Really

I always consider this one as the most important due to its future effect... If you get used to buying things with your credit card, you are actually in danger, you will get used to buying anything and everything online, spending money here and there on some useless things and you won't find out, you know why? Because you have already bought it and you are waiting for it to shipped and that's when you are going to find out. tip 2.png

What's the solution?

Go and buy everything by yourself, spending money directly from your hands will make feel you different and feel that the money is more valuable also you can check and think if what you are going to get is really essential or not.

2-If you really want to use your credit card then wait for at least a day before you purchase

Give yourself a chance to think... a day or two, you will figure out how those things weren't essential for you so you will change your mind about buying them.

3-Don't get easily fooled by offers

Especially the fake offers because you will end up spending money on things you might barely use or things that might expire.

Those are 3 simple tips that I consider to be very simple but efficient if you follow them on daily basis.


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