The title was perfect, and I couldn't help fast forward for even a second. "werewolves"


Adapted from the 1999 Japanese animated film of the same name, directed by Okinawa Keiyuki, the screenplay by Oshii Mamoru, with a Douban score of 8.6, is billed as the future masterpiece of absolute cyberpunk style by many fans.

The narrative setting is grandiose, with political criticism at its absolute heart, and the work style is ironic and dark. After being adapted into a live-action film by South Korea, the background was also moved from Japan to the Korean Peninsula.

Although it is also mixed with political factors, the focus of the film has clearly changed compared to the original. The original work focused more on layers, and was known for its core weight; the film version pays more attention to the face and attracts the eye with the aesthetic of the scene.


Therefore, the advantages of this film are very clear, photography, pictures, shots and fight scenes can be called textbook level. In the same way, the flaws are obvious at first glance, the focus of the story is mixed, the narrative is unclear, and the ending is unfinished. But even so, it was definitely worth seeing.

From a perceptual point of view, in this "decent look," maybe 30% of the credit goes to the actors.

The male lead Jiang Dongyuan and the female lead Han Xiaozhou. Besides, Zheng Yusheng played a supporting role.

Such actors can be said to directly enhance the visual appreciation of a film.

When in the dark room, when the candle was lit, Miss Binggrae's 9th smile appeared on the lens with light. At the same time, my heart is melting, and at the same time, I have to sigh. God was right when he created man, some people took sides.

No wonder the director once said something like this in an interview:

"This film is for you to see the actors."

At the beginning of the film, the story setting is told in about 5 minutes of narration.

"North and South Korea want to reunite, and neighboring powers such as the United States, Japan and Russia have started to press in all directions to prevent a reunited South Korea from becoming a power in Asia."

(Smecta is farsighted, hehe)

Under pressure from various countries, South Korean people are without a livelihood.

Therefore, for the sake of the happiness of the masses, anti-government and anti-unification party members have emerged. To suppress these parties, the government organized a special group of police who killed men and wolves.

They were born to kill, hid in impenetrable armor, erased their appearance, and hid their humanity in darkness.

Even though the setting of the human wolf follows the consistent temperament of Niman II, in the live-action film, it is a bit difficult to see the scene of them taking heavy weapons and shooting at girls who are not tied to weapons. the power of the cock. Tingling sensation.

Human wolves were such a group - they had no human nature, only knew how to obey orders.

At the beginning of the story, the director shows the audience the film's dramatic conflict. Werewolves, is it a human or a wolf?

In the next two hours, 90% of the page is devoted to the wolf side of the man and the wolf. Fighting, bleeding, killing. The moment the human wolf's red eyes appeared in the dark was also the moment to welcome death.


After a minor was instigated by a party member to carry a bomb, and was found by a werewolf, he opened the fuse and detonated himself on the spot. Society's patience with werewolves has finally reached its limit.

Enraged by civilians, the Ministry of Public Security decided to engage the wolves and destroy the organization. Yes, wolves are our heroes. In order to return the boy's battered relic to his family, the male protagonist must get to know the child's sister, the female protagonist.

The identity of the male lead is a wolf, is the identity of the female lead only the sister of the children? of course not.

To create a more complex conflict, the identity of the heroine is a party member and secret agent of the Ministry of Public Security.


At this point, the structure of the film is complete.

Overall, the Ministry of Public Security is against the special police (wolf) team. This means that in detail the cadres of the Ministry of Public Security lead people to destroy the male leader who represents the wolf. As for the heroine, she acts as a hint, linking the entire film together.

As a secret agent of the Ministry of Public Security and at the same time friends with the male lead, she can control the rhythm at any time, that is, she will complete the transition or continuation of the story.

The two scenes of the film stand out, and it is these two scenes that perfectly interpret the wolf-man nature of the werewolf.

In the first game, in the tower, the male protagonist uses his own power to fight an ambush set by the Ministry of Public Security which is led by the female protagonist. Calm, decisive, fast, no problems in the future, the moment when the heroine jumps from a tall building with a fire hose tied, it is very brave and full of adventure.

In the second game, wear wolf-style equipment in the underground waterway and fight again with the fully armed Ministry of Public Security. Rockets, infrared devices, bombs, javelins, detectors ... The male protagonist, wearing the equipment of wolves, turns into a hell farmer, his life is like a leek in his eyes, chopping one stump after stump.

Cruel, cruel, death is life, life is death.

Therefore, the nature of a wolf is that of a human wolf.

As I mentioned earlier, 90% of the entire film presented to the audience the war machine group of the SWAT team.

How about the remaining 10%? human nature.

The focus of the film is ultimately placed on the nature of the werewolves. In the end, the boss of the male lead let her shoot and kill the female lead because of the female lead group members. But the male protagonist doesn't know why, maybe because of love, or maybe because of the awakening of human nature, in short, he's letting go of the female lead.

He disobeyed the order. When the boss came to him to settle the account, he told the boss like this:

“You know, no matter how you wash it for the rest of your life, the blood stains on your body feel like? The children had no weapons and were not enemies, and the woman just now was the same. I've always followed your orders and obeyed the organization's orders for life, but from now on, I will live according to my own ideas, and I will leave this place. "

The wolf is still human. Even if it was hidden under the armor, even if it was hidden in the darkness, it was still human after all. People will have feelings.

Lyon has feelings, Jing Wuming has feelings, and Pu Yi has feelings too. The heartless killer will always live in a joke.


From the beginning of the film, a man and a wolf without emotions, to the end of the film, a warm male protagonist.

This is what happens in the 138-minute film.

At first I thought that after the male protagonist finished speaking, he would leave the place, and then the film could end with a single shot, leaving the audience with empty space for the audience to imagine whether he was alive or dead, and left. female protagonist. Will there be another meeting.

It is unfortunate that the film still takes the commercial film line, and is even too full.

The mistress of the house took her younger brother away in the carriage, and outside the window was the male host staring them away.


However, it is not over yet, and the political elements will be forced to continue in the end.

As a highlight of the original work, the political element has been greatly weakened in the live-action adaptation, useless at first, but must be forced at the end.

Not only does it confuse the audience, but also makes the film itself a little more arrogant.

If the political scenes from the film can be erased, and the emotional scenes can be amplified, "Man Wolf" is definitely a masterpiece.


After all, film is not only about lens scheduling, light aesthetics, and motion design, but also about using shadows as a benchmark for work.

It is a pity that the director paid too much attention to the original work, and at the same time did not want to be too unconventional, but had to compromise for commercial reasons, which made the film's failure undoubtedly unfold.

But even so, I still want to say that "Werewolf" is still a work worth seeing.

After all, Han Xiaozhou was very handsome.


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