The reality is of the piles

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It is important to see how technology at the level of providing energy, is changing over time improving their use, as in the case of the battery thanks to many of our appliances uses this type of technology to provide energy, ta only a battery is a device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy, thanks to a chemical process transient, but has a life, which requires renewing its constituent elements.

Currently there are several types of batteries for specific use, this energy is accessible through two terminals that have the battery, called poles, electrodes, but we really know how it works, well it works as follows thanks to the science of physics, batteries basically consist of two metal electrodes immersed in a liquid, solid that is the electrolyte, because this is an ion conductor. On the other hand the electrodes react with the electrolyte, in one of the electrodes that are the anode, this is produced electrons (oxidation), and the cathode is produced a defect of electrons in the process of reduction reduction.

The conquest of space was a great challenge, so that their equipment could operate with the necessary energy, at one point in history became famous fuel cells in space, in the Gemini Missions, several options were studied as they were a recent development of General Electric (GE), the fuel cell with solid polymer electrolyte, thanks to Thomas Grubb and Leonard Niedrach consisted of a cationic membrane based on polystyrene sulfonated resin.  They realized that it was a better alternative according to NASA's requirements, the fuel cell with this electrolyte, which is solid, was decisive for their choice ahead of the already developed liquid alkaline electrolyte fuel cells. 

Lithium-ion batteries are powerful and light, but they suffer the risk of fire, since this type of battery has the capacity to manisfest a phenomenon, by which lithium-ion batteries enter a loop in which they increase their temperature until they end up burning. The solution in which it was possible to work to continue using this type of battery, was necessary in accepting that a cell will explode in an unpredictable way, to cover the cells of steel tubes, managing to contain them, now we know the importance of knowing this type of technology and its suitable use.



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