The obvious money making opportunities in Leofinance that you shouldn't miss out

It's been a week since I staked about 1460 Leo tokens... so far, so good!

The beauty of the flat curation reward curve that's being implemented in this platform ~ it's straight-forward. As far as I can tell, I'm earning about 18% annualized return for my investment. I bought my Leo stake at a 1:2 (Leo/Hive) swap rate and I spent a total of 3000 Hive tokens for it. Just imagine how much price improvement happened for Leo in a matter of months... the swap rate flipped from 5:1 to 1:2 (Leo/Hive)

It may sound absurd that I'm exchanging my Hive at that rate but if we are to compare the curation rewards between the 2 tokens, Leo appears to be more profitable by 27% to 44% than Hive. The complicated rewards curve & voting window of Hive makes it less profitable for manual curators to outcompete the bots. Leo resolved that part by utilizing a flat reward curve for curation.

I'm a big fan of simplicity and so I chose to put my stake in Leofinance.


There's value in Engagement

I noticed that some Leo users are posting about how they earned a good amount of rewards from a single comment. Although it doesn't happen to everyone, there's a good chance that it will happen to you if you keep trying.

I for one received a nice upvote with a total value of 12.66 Leo, the net value of the payout will be about $1.65


So, while I'm utilizing my stake to curate for posts that I browse on Leofinance platform, I'm also gaining more rewards through my comments. And if you enjoy reading posts and engaging with other users then it should be a worthwhile experience for you.

Similar to any of the other social blockchains, there are many ways to earn rewards and grow your investment.

It could be done passively by staking some tokens and delegate to a service that pays dividends or simply follow curation trails using an auto bot.

On top of that, you could also do it actively by posting content or engaging with other users by commenting on their posts.


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