The most typical successful application of blockchain development---digital currency transactions

As the most typical and successful application of blockchain technology so far, digital currency benefits from the technical advantages of blockchain distributed consensus and decentralized trust


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It has also promoted the deep integration of blockchain technology and economic activities, and thus changed the organization of the digital society. In recent years, whether in terms of basic theoretical research or in terms of practical application development, digital currencies have shown a vigorous upward trend.

This article sorts out the main research issues of digital currency from the perspectives of technological innovation, mechanism design, and risk supervision, and elaborates on the basic support technology, privacy protection technology, consensus mechanism, incentive mechanism, currency value mechanism, issuance mechanism, risk analysis, regulatory considerations, etc. In terms of research progress, existing problems and application status, and looking forward to the key research directions in the future, we are committed to providing useful references for research in the field of digital currency.

With the birth of banks in the 17th century, currency as an important media tool gradually evolved into the core of the economic and financial system, maintaining social collaboration. In the middle of the 19th century, Marxist political economy was founded, pointing out that currency is a fixed function of general equivalent. Of products, believe that "gold and silver are naturally not currency, but currency is naturally gold and silver."

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In the history of currency development, gold and silver did serve as currency for a long period of time, until it was replaced by bills and banknotes because of the convenience of carrying and trading.

After the collapse of the "gold standard" system in the 1930s, currency began to enter the era of "fiat currency". Countries around the world generally implemented a currency system with national credit as a guarantee.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Hayek, a famous liberal economist of the Austrian school of economics, proposed the concept of denationalized currency in the book "Denationalization of Currency", pointing out that private banks could issue competitive currencies[2], but This idea is difficult to realize under the fiat currency issuance system.


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