The Hanging Man candlestick pattern

A single candlestick pattern that is created at the end of an uptrend is a Hanging Man candlestick pattern. It is a bearish pattern of reversal that shows that the upward trajectory is about to end. This also means that in pushing the markets up and bears are back on the market, the bulls have lost their power.

What is the Hanging Man Candlestick Pattern? A bearish reverse candlestick pattern with a long lower shadow and a tiny actual body is a hanging individual. At the end of the upward trend, this candlestick pattern emerges, suggesting instability in further market movements. It is produced when prices have been pushed up by the bulls and now they do not push further. There is a tiny actual body in this candlestick chart pattern, which means that the distance between the price of opening and closing is very little. There is no upper shadow, and his body is half the thickness of the lower shadow. This trend provides traders with a chance to square their buying position and reach a short position.

Why is the Hanging Man interesting? Traders should look at a few aspects of this pattern to take advantage of this pattern's formation. This pattern's long lower shadow suggests that the sellers have joined the market. In general patterns of longer lower shadows tend to have done better than the shorter lower shadows of the Hanging Man. The pattern of this candlestick may be either green or red, but this does not play an important part in the understanding of the pattern of this candlestick. As the bearish candle is created on the next day, the signal provided by this pattern is confirmed. Traders can also evaluate whether the amount during the development of this trend has improved. At the closing price of this candlestick, or at the opening price of the next bearish candlestick, traders will enter a short spot. At the highest point of this candlestick, a stop-loss may be located.

Criteria for this pattern identification: Here are several points on the candlestick charts that should be kept in mind when defining this pattern: So there's little, or little, upper shadow at all. The lower shadow should be twice as long as the total body length. On the upper side of the candlestick should be the actual body.


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