The first smart traffic application blockchain technology, MDF core innovation enters the field of centralized business

The unicorn of the currency circle, MDF (MORGAN DECENTERIZED FINANCE) creates a new indicator of the currency circle


Beginning in 2018, the total value of DeFi's lock-in has risen sharply, and it has exceeded tens of billions of dollars in 2020, which undoubtedly makes the DeFi field one of the most watched topics in 2020.

MDF initiator Stanley Willis said: "I recognize that 2020 is the year of DeFi, mainly because DeFi projects dominate technological innovation and development. I repeat, DeFi has demonstrated to the encryption field that innovation is still possible, new projects Liquidity, funding and participation can still be guided in novel ways. DeFi started as early as December 2017, when the Ethereum-based protocol MakerDAO was launched, and then Compound Finance was launched in September and November 2018. And Uniswap. On the other hand, it is no exaggeration to say that the real rise of DeFi begins in 2020."

Morgan Decentralized Finance (MDF Smart Flow Chain, MDF for short) is a new generation of smart flow chain, committed to fully using the core of blockchain large-scale flow applications on and off the chain, and striving to distribute multi-level traffic on the Internet Institutionally, the Internet data we often say is built on the blockchain, which is a network of permanent savings and value.

MDF proposed a distributed intelligent traffic pool MorganFLOS, a mergerable governance structure MDF token model, and adopted the DS-PBFT consensus architecture of distributed intelligent traffic management, and developed a large-scale MDF traffic commercial system for live video, online games, and e-commerce. Large-scale traffic industries such as business and Internet finance provide convenient chain reform and restructuring of business transformation models. In addition to providing chain reforms to physical enterprises, MDF also redefines and valueizes traffic, transforming traffic into value to create the underlying foundation of a traffic application ecosystem.

MDF surpasses ordinary digital assets. In addition to being used for circulation in various chain business structures, MDF can also enjoy premium returns in holding.


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