The Daily Recap of 02/08/21

PS : I will try to do a daily recap special biotech companies where I give my selection. If you want to suggest some companies to review, please comment below.

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Quick Thoughts

A few updates...

The idea is to update you on how I feel about my predictions and if some news have changed my opinions. It's also to brag about my predictions. Ok there you go:

Well... That didn't go as well as I thought it would go. To be honest, I still think in the long run, USD will go up in value. But I just didn't expect that 2 trillion dollars stimulus package. It's still not done though. I still firmly believe in the conclusions of that thesis : the us stock and bond market will go up at least until June except if something major happens.

Boy did that prediction go well! Also, now that there are hopes of this stimulus package, oil futures will go up and the companies manufacturing oil products are going up even more.

So that one is part good due dilligence and luck. I don't really like that they will have issues with the chip shortage but if it goes down because of that, I may buy more of it as it's definitely the best investment opportunity right now in my opinion (especially Renault).

It's a bit too early to say if it's a win or not. Not so much movement and I still think both of those companies are a buy right now.

I don't have words for this other than why? But that also means that it's a great buy now more than ever.

As expected, Facebook is having difficulties and Apple is going back up.

This week will probably be boring

I checked the economic calendar and holy shit there's almost nothing. In a positive note, that means that nothing bad will happen and since there are a lot of positive forces that bring the market up, we seem to be pretty good for this. But also, don't expect that much volatility this week at least on national indices.

Disney is a great buy

It's going to be a small one here... Honestly, the company has great financials, great prospects and everybody says it's a great long term play, so already, you should buy DIS shares.

But also, I like what they're doing with Disney+. I like the new show WandaVision. Also, they put a Super Bowl ad for another show The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and maybe this is the start of a new trend for them? They saw the potential for a streaming service to have Marvel shows (Daredevil, Jessica Jones and The Punisher shows had a very positive impact on Netflix's growth). And they've also grown from their mistakes : the previous shows were pretty slow, boring and most importantly forgettable whereas WandaVision is quite the opposite. Here they're trying to do things differently and that makes me really optimistic about their streaming service user growth.

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