The currency speculator: the market breaks through the obstacles and rushes high, behind the hidden high-altitude power

BTC market highlights and analysis are as follows:

The current BTC trend pattern is the lows and highs, and the key short-term borders below are the integer position areas such as 47500; in the long face, it must be set above this position; this position is also a Fibonacci. Pull the key points from the back-test line; then you can observe that the bottom rail of the hourly Tublin belt is in place, which is enough to ensure that the market is generally bullish and volatile! To focus on resistance from above is to focus on position 50735, and second resistance at 51315;

1. It is recommended to make more arrangements to enter the market near 47700-47800. Stop loss 47400. It is recommended to look at 49000-50200

ETH market highlights and analysis are as follows:

Ethereum's rushing strength this time is rather fierce, and continues to break the upper resistance point of the bulls. It has strong power after midnight yesterday. This time also with the help of the BTC market upgrade; fully demonstrated! Moving average support accordingly below is very strong. Watch the 1528 position of the lower support point, the 1620 position of the upper resistance, and the first line of the second resistance 1665. The overall callback is mainly to do more, but resistance should be short-term planning!

1. ETH recommends long entries between 1533-1538 and stop loss at 1526. Targets are recommended to look at 1570-1590.

Warm reminder to everyone: In contract trading, we don't try to understand every tidal wave. We just need to understand the general direction which is more stable and accurate, ambush at the appropriate point of entry, and obtain victories and harvests. This is already the biggest market. Take control of the winner!

review article releases are delayed, and the market is changing rapidly. The above suggestions are for reference only at your own risk! The market changes every day.


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