Technology in damped mechanical systems (Part III)

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If something humanity has been able to understand is its close relationship with everything that surrounds it, this essential characteristic any of us could easily verify since any type of design, creation or invention of man has always been inspired by the infinite phenomena developed in our majestic universe and even in the functioning of our own physical entity or body.

Our environment is full of countless mechanical systems equipped with some kind of cushioning, these physical systems we use in order to perform or develop any type of activity intrinsic to our existence, this allows us to emphasize that the evolution of man has been closely linked to the generation of new technologies.

The search and finding of new materials is a permanent activity in the technological area, this has allowed that the influence of this field arrives at any corner of the space-time, where, we developed our lives, therefore, we must continue emphasizing the immense work of the splendid nexus science-technology, since as it has been expressed in previous articles, the technology is not more than applied science.

Without a doubt for me, the most essential phenomenon for the existence of humanity and of all living species on this planet is that of movement and even for the universe as a whole, from the one closest to us as well as the one furthest away, and for the understanding of it (movement) we have used as a fundamental science the masterful and very exciting physical science, among other sciences in charge of the understanding of our mother nature.

In the two previous presentations or articles we related to the damping applied to complex physical or mechanical systems such as a rustic vehicle and a section of a loading and unloading system, in this opportunity we will enjoy the application of the damping in a mechanical system that I have called kangaroo bar, and by means of this application we demonstrate that the science-technology link is present in any activity related to all of us.

Therefore, we continue to relate to the wonderful phenomenon of damped forced harmonic movement, likewise with the purpose of highlighting the great usefulness of artificial damping generated by the creation of man, and which has improved the functioning and longevity of any mechanical system.

And as we have expressed, in all forced mobility we must apply some type of force or energy to a determined artificial or mechanical system with the purpose of being able to develop a determined mobility and when applying some form of cushioning we would be making concrete the mentioned cushioned forced harmonic movement as we can observe it in the gif at the beginning of the present article, where, through the cushioning components the diminution of the impact in the fall in the ground of our body is obtained.

With the above mentioned we achieve the adequate description or characteristic of a cushioning, since it will always be related to that capacity that a certain natural elastic environment or a certain element or device of artificial origin can provide, such as the one that has been observed in the jumps or forced cushioned movements of our kangaroo bar.


With this example of cushioning we continue to consolidate the enormous influence of the field of technology in any activity of our lives, this action, property or characteristic has become so intrinsic to us that we no longer even realize when we use any technological application, and we know that every day that passes the technological applications thanks to new technologies are closer to us since they are always in search of being able to satisfy any of our needs in any area.

The forced harmonic muffled mobility observed in our gif is carried out through the combination of mechanical device man, since we must inject part of our force or energy to the kangaroo bar to be able to carry out this movement, highlighting in this way the action and understanding offered by science-technology in the design of this artificial device.

Any of us could enjoy the use of our kangaroo bar, and also find a lot of application of any form of cushioning as our gif, so we see that the great field of technology extends to any activity related to our lives.

Until another opportunity my dear and appreciated readers.

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