Support #burnsteem25 to improve the economy - the business of selling goats


Peace be with all steemian friends, you are here and hopefully always eager to share interesting works here We are to produce an economy we must have a business even though it is only a clear small business to produce an economy

and tonight I will describe the business of raising goats ready for slaughter at the point of sale. Here, it is an opportunity for goat breeders to provide more goats in cages.



and this is one of the goat business places whose place is very strategic with a market place with many goats seen in cages with the right size which is very strategically occupied by each goat to be used as a place to eat goats to make it easier to get food for each goat so many goats are bought from outside the area and bought at different prices with the aim of getting a decent profit from income because the more the number of fattened goats the more profit the business owner will make



The place of business selling goats here really maintains customer satisfaction when buyers need goats by serving customers well and also providing the required goats with the various shapes they need and also providing workers to provide goats that are purchased ready to be slaughtered on the spot only receiving meat for use by buyer




This beef goat farming business is very promising success in improving the economy because it is the right choice in raising and selling goats that are ready to be slaughtered on the spot due to the increasing number of demand for beef goats among the community and providing a satisfying desire for customers to provide the type of goat to be purchased. so the more benefits we can get in running the business this is my story tonight about a promising business that is carried out in the form of selling goats ready for slaughter to produce a more satisfying economy

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By @musdezal


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