"Space" Exists... Kind Of


"Space" exists... kind of. It is not unlimited like Star Trek. It begins about 65 miles high or so. It is a region of very low air pressure and density. Balloons float very well up to a certain altitude until the lack of pressure explodes them. I wager we have solved that problem and the high tech ones can go to near space and likely beyond. They are also black and easily replaceable. The Firmament is a multi-layer barrier, no man has ever physically crossed.

Please explain these problems if able:

Is there any proven physical model on Earth (not a computer sim) that we can observe a gas next to vacuum without any physical barrier or force field? NOPE. Why do you have faith our atmosphere is like that exactly?

Why not turn a few of Earth's major visual telescopes or satellites towards Tranquility Base on the moon and SHOW us the footprints and serial numbers on the Rovers? Showing us DOTS is bullshit and is just more BLIND faith. Unfortunately, we can now fake any video/audio in high fidelity that is hard to distinguish from reality... We cannot trust what we see on screens or hear from electronic devices. With “Neurolink”, these images and sounds will be directly in your brain, bypassing the optic/auditory nerves or maybe linking with them. They are EASILY manipulated and they are manipulated constantly. We were born into a Matrix of Lies... a repeat of the Days of Noah.

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Why do you know about buoyancy and you can observe it, but you discount its power? No one can prove gravity exist, yet you still have faith. You probably believe in “aliens” but not in inter-dimensional beings that are RIGHT HERE WITH US. There are no “distant” worlds in outer space. Outer space is only dark water and no man has ever been there.

Being required to have faith in the Big Bang, you believe NOTHING became a DOT that exploded. You believe the stars are giant fusion balls Millions and Billions of light years away... by BLIND faith alone. You believe in Freemason "science": Earth spins at 1000 MPH, it "orbits", in a trailing spiral, the sun (HELIOS) at 66,6000 MPH and it has a tilt that is 66.6 degrees from 90. You believe in BILLIONS of years of TIME without any evidence. ALL of your "science" is built upon assumptions and/or deception... yet you have BLIND faith. This evil faith is a result of your BLIND faith in unrighteous AUTHORITY. It is government sponsored... by ALL governments.

Why do almost all rockets go horizontal very quickly going out to sea... not into space? Why are there many true videos of satellites being launched by balloons? Why doesn't every rocket have multi-spectrum, hi-def cameras pointing UP on launch? If you believe we can send a rocket 50 thousand miles straight up... or even 22 thousand, where all our Geo-synchronous satellites supposedly are, why has no one ever PROVEN that in 40 years?

You believe “astronauts” on the moon spoke with the U.S. President, yet you cannot maintain a cellphone call while driving between cities on EARTH! The comms on Earth are all from undersea cables and antennas on towers, and “satellites” on balloons not many can see very clearly. What if the ISS is just a pretty 3D picture painted on a giant black balloon? How do you prove visual evidence alone when Hollywood looks WAY more convincing than stupid NASA?

You reject the Creator because you hate real accountability, suffering, and responsibility for YOUR own thoughts, words, and DEEDS. You will answer for all of them. The Bible says the Earth is like a disk with upturned edges and that it DOES NOT MOVE. It says the Second Heaven is where the sun, moon, and stars are and they are a CLOCK and a warning system for Saints. Second Heaven is also the abode of Satan and all his fallen minions. Soon he will live here with us in the First Heaven once the War in the Third Heaven is over. Someday ALL the stars will fall. It will be TOO LATE for real, saving FAITH then...

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