Several ways to secure a cell phone

Using or having a communication device in the form of a mobile phone is something that is familiar to most people today. There are many benefits that we can take from this mobile phone such as contacting someone who is far away in real-time. This way of contacting is now using high-resolution video so that it seems as if we meet directly with the person we are talking to.


Besides having many benefits, it turns out that using a cell phone can also cause harm to its users. One of the losses that can be caused by the use of mobile phones is the loss caused by irresponsible people, for example by stealing data belonging to cellphone users. Data stored on cell phones is very complex, starting with small records, even banking data can be stored on mobile phones. If the thief manages to retrieve the mobile phone user's data information, the thief can freely use the user's data without the real cellphone user knowing it.

To minimize data theft on mobile phones, security is needed that can minimize thief attacks on our cellphones. One way to improve mobile phone security is to provide a cellphone lock with a PIN, pattern, or password, which this facility has provided by the default mobile phone application.

The next way to minimize mobile phone data theft is to avoid accessing the internet using public Wi-Fi services because this service could be used by people with malicious intent to steal data on devices connected to this wi-fi network. In addition, we need to avoid downloading files from unknown sources from which data thieves sometimes insert a tool to steal mobile phone user data.

When downloading an application or updating an application, you should take it from the official web store belonging to the mobile phone operating system provider, for example, the Google Play Store or Apple Play Store that matches the mobile phone you are using. For email security, you should use two-step security connected to our phone number where if someone is able to break the password, a code will be sent to our telephone number. The last thing is to set up permission to install the application so that if there is an unknown application that asks for permission to access, we can detect whether this is normal or not. For example, the calculator application asks for permission to access the contact number, then this should be suspected as an unnatural application. Those are some things to secure cell phones based on my observations.


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