Partner Programs Help Foster Local Sales Of Produce

A program in Hawaii known as Da Bux program has partnered with food retailers in the region to offer people in the area more for their money. If they opt to purchase Hawaiian grown fruits and vegetables then their food benefits are going to be worth more for them. They will get a 50 percent discount of local fruits and vegetables if they scan the Da Bux access card with a participating grocery store.

Not only is the program helping families to get more for their money but it is also helping them to make better food choices in going for things like fruit and vegetables. This program only launched a few years ago and it is federal grant money along with philanthropic donations that has helped to make it possible, working with a variety of organizations to make it all happen.

Farms in Hawaii on average are 3-5x smaller than those in other areas of the U.S. This is why they have come up with the program partnership to try and help inspire people to purchase local goods that are coming from farmers around the islands. The restaurants, hotels, and tourism industry shutting down, have had an incredible impact on Hawaii just like it has in other areas. It's estimated that local food growers are losing at least $2 million every week with the shutdown in place.

Those behind the program see it as a great advantage in helping lower income residents to be able to afford food that they otherwise probably wouldn't be buying, when they get that 50 percent discount.

Aside from the federal grant money coming in, this would be a great option for voluntary charity organizations to consider, where they match money spent at local grocery stores and farmers markets in an effort to get people to make better food choices and support local. Not only that, but also to help their money go further for them. This program might have only been around for Hawaii a few years now but they already consider it to be a success.

Pics: pixabay


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