Optimizing your tron income

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Hello everyone!. Am glad to be writing more on the steem-trx integration.

This is a meme i created for people who see this integration upside down

I wrote expressly on adoption and finance and today I want to speak on These questions from @steemitblog post.:

  1. How can you optimize the amount of TRX you earn?
  2. What will you do with the TRX you earn on Steem?
Optimizing the tron you earn.

When we say the word optimize, we mean 'getting maximum from something'. So to optimize the amount of tron you earn, means to get the maximum amount of tron from every post that is voted $0.02 above.

How can we do that?. It was made clear to us that we can get 2x the amount of tron when we set our post rewards to a 100% power up, other than the default 50%sbd &50%sp.

What a great deal to jump into. We all want to build the steem ecosystem and Steemit is telling us that while we set our post to a100%sp we will be rewarded 2x the amount of tron that we were supposed to get when we set our posts to 50sbd and 50%sp.

To optimize the amount of tron that you earn, all you have to do is to set every post you make to a 100%sp and your tron will keep multiplying by 2💰💰😱🎉.

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The second question which read as follows,

What will you do with the TRX you earn on Steem?

As a lover of tron, and also a holder of tron, the only things I wish to do with the tron I earn from steemit iis to hold, freeze, vote and unfreeze. I don't wish to trade my steem yet as I see a brighter for tron. I have been holding tron and voting too and I claim my robust rewards as well. This is why I still hold tron.

And since from and Steem are now one big family, I smell greatness and progress for the two brand and this makes me continue to hold steem and tron.

@steemcurator01, I want to say something to you but I really don't know if it will be okey to say it under my post. But I see no other way of reaching out to you.

I want to do what can be seen as a webiner, AMA or seminar on social media, like whatsapp groups and others, just to bring steemit to the spot light and sensitize people who are not yet convinced that Steemit can create a bright future for them.

I wish to know what you think about this. Thank you


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