Old spy and famous lawyer

Watching "Spy Bridge", the tone of the entire film is full of gloomy feeling, but I clearly feel that there is always a warmth running through my heart. Obviously the whole world is going through a very cold confrontation. Where does this warmth come from? When I think about it, all that's left is the staunch and understanding old spy Abel, and the famous lawyer Donaldwin.

    Abel is a senior spy in the USSR, good at espionage, and good at disguise. When confronted with bluffing CIA personnel, he becomes as calm and calm as any old man with the dentures he has seen through the years. old friends come to visit. A professional career spanning decades not only provided him with excellent disguise skills, but also made him perceive life and death as normal. The mantra is: Is it useful? An old Soviet spy loyal to his duties, every pore in his body must be filled with the breath of a spy, and he is already an incarnation of a spy.

    However, Abel was not swallowed up by this identity. Engaging in espionage work is a task entrusted to it by the state and its work. The responsibility should go all out, but it won't be him. Even though painting is a cover for her identity, it is also her true artistic hobby. When he separated from defense attorney Donald Wynn, he gave him a portrait as a gift. This is the best way for him to express gratitude or friendship. the warmth is not lost with the chill of the spy work. Even in the face of death or imprisonment, he drew pictures and listened to music every day. This is another way of expressing his life. Even though the surroundings were full of darkness, he still had the flames of life in his heart. do not worry,

    In his long spying career, doubt and caution had to become instincts. However, when his life and death were at stake, he distrusted his country's vocation and the freedom bestowed upon him by representatives of enemy nations. Instead, he chose to trust someone he trusted unconditionally. Man, a man who only gave a full defense but never asked if he was a spy, a "Standing Man" who reminded him of his childhood. "I can wait", on the bridge, his short sentence said the most beautiful human nature. He longed for life, and he longed for a life of dignity and ease. He always defended national interests and even more defended his courage as a person.

    Let's talk about Donnervin. In society, he is a well-known insurance attorney. In his family, he is the husband and father of three children, and he lives a life of fluency. After being assigned to defend Soviet spies, his life was no longer peaceful. His family, judges, colleagues, the public, the CIA ... all couldn't understand what he was doing. Even if he is attacked by everyone and even puts the safety of his family at risk, he maintains his independent and clear position under intense collective pressure, fulfills his duties as a lawyer, is loyal to the US Constitution, and handles the case according to the rules. He saw Abel as loyal to the country and fulfilling his mission. Even if he is arrested, he still respects and loves himself. Spies and lawyers, one in the dark and the other in the light, working for their country in different ways. Why should other countries be put to death? What about people working for their own country with due diligence? He insisted on appealing, even though he failed, right now, he is a good model lawyer. Abel saved his life and was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

    However, he didn't stop there. He must do more. As an ordinary citizen, he accepted the task of negotiating a hostage exchange that was given by the government. He is willing to go through fire and water. He came to chaotic Berlin alone with an unprecedented sense of mission. The young American student is detained by the East Berlin authorities, he wants to save the student. He had to exchange one for two. This seems to be his consistent style as a lawyer to increase efficiency and ensure the maximization of interests.

    Is the hostage exchange just a transaction between countries?

    No, life is not a business, this is not destiny, every life is worth saving, apart from respecting the constitution and rules, he respects life itself more. Therefore, Abel said to him on the bridge in exchange for the spies: This is the best gift you have given me. This gift is Donald Wynn's treatment of unlabelled parties. Whether it was a state spy or a pillar of the country, whether it was old or young, in his eyes, it was a beautiful life, and they should be allowed to return home safely. His mantra was "Everyone is important," and he interpreted this sentence very sincerely. 

    He has grown from an insurance lawyer to a government negotiator. This leap and transformation step requires experience, wisdom, responsibility, and is inspiring enough to allow sudden incidents to pass through, and to wield power with seemingly insignificant personal power. Collective progress is slow. Individuals, collectives, nations and the world are inseparable communities. Everyone is an important part of it, interacting with and transforming each other. You cannot ignore your role at will, and you cannot take other people's lives for granted. All things are one, and all things are anim. 

    "Spy Bridge" was filmed based on real events and real people during the Cold War in the world. In such a cold two-tiered world, old spies and famous lawyers use the heat of life and the power of human nature to build a bridge of cooperation movement.


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