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We continue to observe our wonderful environment in order to highlight the great impact or influence that has the action of scientific and technological development in our lives, any of us could certainly give a clear and significant tangible or intangible example of the above, therefore, it is necessary to continue to assert that technology is a consequence of applied science.

Without forgetting the economic impact that generates the wonderful creations that man manages to make through the nexus described above, therefore, it is a very broad vision that should always be taken in terms of the application of technology, it is also important to note that any area of our existence is reached by different types of technological advancement.

In this opportunity I wanted to talk about a wonderful sport or recreational activity which is carried out through a tool or device called Flyboard, and with which anyone can get to make extraordinary movements to develop certain skills or abilities on it.


The tourist areas are splendid places where excellent activities for our recreation and comfort are developed, and we can express that the field of technology in the last years has managed to be impregnated in these activities, any person who is in these places uses in some way or another any technological tool.

As for the implementation of the Flyboard, its creator is the Frenchman Franky Zapata, the technology of this new flying machine consists of five air turbojets which allows an autonomy of about 10 minutes of propulsion, we have observed this device on the beaches as part of the entertainment offered by those tourist spaces and this flying board is connected to jet skis, however, its utility reaches the military area, as it can be implemented as an assault platform in certain places of difficult access.

Despite its application in other areas, it is important to note that it is increasingly observed on the beaches of the world, where people are delighted to see the impressive power or buoyancy provided by the air jets of this flying board, in the gif at the beginning of this article we could observe it on water and connected to a jet ski, personally I think it must be an extraordinary experience to ride one of these devices either on water or simply on land.


Over the years the applications and technological developments are becoming more and more essential in our lives, in our homes we are surrounded by any component or instrument generated by the area of technology, and thus we see that it will be our future, especially with the constant applications of artificial intelligence (AI).

In this opportunity we could know an extraordinary mechanism of propulsion that allows us to rise in the heights, the man through its history has demonstrated that the flight fascinates to him, this elevated interest to want to fly has allowed him to create different mechanism for such aim, in previous articles we have related to spectacular machines like the helicopters, these machines are implemented in essential activities like the rescue of people in zones where only they can arrive.

In this occasion we knew an extraordinary technology applied to an equipment or apparatus denominated as Flyboard, this flying board is a sample of the great historical interest of the man to be in the heights, and that is carried out by means of the application of the science-technology.

Until another opportunity my dear and appreciated readers.

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