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It is important to continue pointing out and highlighting the essential impact of the different tools, apparatuses or machines manufactured by the human intellect with the purpose of carrying out a certain activity linked to our development in any field. We must express that the success in terms of the creation of the different machines has depended on the great scientific-technological advances achieved through time, and therefore, the relationship between machines and technological advances is proportional.

Any of us could relate the application of technologies with those areas related to the field of electronics, and thus with the manufacture of tools or equipment such as cell phones, televisions, computers, among others, however, it is important to highlight how we have been able to demonstrate that the wonderful science-technology nexus manages to reach any space-time of our existence and consequently to the various activities developed by us.

So far we can say that we have been linked with great machines that have left their mark on humanity as has been the fan, bicycle, motorcycle, cars like the Volkswagen, formula 1 vehicle, submarines, helicopters, among others, the truth is that each of them manage to fulfill an essential task in our lives and thus, from my point of view over time have become intrinsic tools to our evolution, hence their uses are already something of the most normal.

Every day that passes, new advances are generated, and these make these machines are developed to be increasingly efficient and effective in the designated tasks, and as always highlighting the fact that each of them have positive and negative aspects in terms of the relationship both to our body and our natural environment.

In this opportunity we will link with another type of machine that perhaps many of you have been able to observe, and also have witnessed its annoying noise during its operation, this device as you could see at the beginning of this article is implemented in activities like the one shown in this gif, carrying out an artificial vibratory movement, and whose scattered sound waves are not nice swim when they reach our natural hearing systems (ears).

Mechanical or pneumatic hammer

As you could see in the gif at the beginning of this publication, this type of tool, device or machine, is nothing more than a portable hammer drill and whose use is based primarily on being able to break into pieces a certain surface, such as shown in our gif, ie this device works like a hand hammer with which we apply our potential energy and the same converted into kinetic energy of percussion, we can see this each of us.

As for the mechanical or pneumatic hammer, it is equipped with elements or components that allow it to perform or replace the potential energy described above of our body, therefore, we find elements such as; the handle in this is a valve which its main function is to receive air through a hose, we also find the distributor, which has the function of regulating the air control valve connected to the air hose.

Another important component to emphasize is the cylinder, since inside this one the plunger is located and by which it is mobilized thanks to the air sent by the distributor when regulating the air control of the valve located in the handle and to conclude with the main components of this machine we are with the drill, and this part is the one that makes contact with the surface that is desired to break or to fracture by means of movements to percussion simulating a vibratory movement and whose generation of sound the extremely annoying one or harmful for our health if the necessary measures are not taken.


Each of us generally relate to any type of tool or machine from another technological application such as our laptop to name one example, however, the applications of technological advances reach any area of our development and that is the purpose of these articles to be able to demonstrate that technology is an intrinsic part of our existence, and that thanks to it and science we have been able to design any type of artificial machine to cover or perform with greater ease any of our most everyday activities and in any space-time where we are.

As far as the mechanical or pneumatic hammer is concerned, it fulfills specific tasks previously mentioned or easily observed at the beginning of this publication. The truth is that thanks to the extraordinary link between science and technology, we are increasingly developing or manufacturing tools, devices or machines with greater efficiency and effectiveness to carry out certain tasks.

Until another opportunity my dear and appreciated readers.

Note: The images are of my authorship, made using the application of Power Point, and the animated gif was made with the application of Photoscape, another contribution to the nexus described above, ie science-technology.

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