Liquid as a state of Matter

In my last class I talked about the introduction to the three states of matter we have and also in the last post, I make mention of solid and discuss about the characteristics of solid.

Today I will be moving to liquid in which I will be discussing about



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Liquid is one of the three states of matter we have in the science world and not only that, it is also grouped under the class of fluid. As we all know, fluid is what is capable of flowing .

Liquid has some distinguishing characteristics that differentiate it from other three states of matter which are below

It Has Definete Volume

As solid has definite volume, so also liquid has definite volume. No matter where it is been moved how it is been moved or where it is been poured into.

Let's say for example, a 50 little of water been pour from large bowl A to another large bowl B. If we noticed when the water get to the large bowl B, it will still retain that definite volume of 50 litre without not changing.

It does not have a specific Shape

Another thing that distinguish liquid from solid is that Solid has a specific Shape but liquid doesn't have a specific Shape.

In the case of Liquid, It takes the shape of the container it contains. Let's say a 20 litre of water is been poured into a square shape container, you will noticed that the water will take the shape of that square shape.

Now same thing also let's now say the water is now been pour into a cylinderical container, it will take the shape of that cylinder shape likewise. This example has demonstrate that liquid does not have a specific Shape but takes the shape of the container it always occupy.

It is Incompressible

Liquid is one of the three states of matter that is Incompressible. Same thing also like solid. They are Incompressible due to the strong force of cohesion existing between them

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