How BitCherry BCHC block chain technology will change the gaming industry

Blockchain technology has recently become a phenomenon in all areas of the economy, driving innovation, promoting growth and bringing added value. The most notable of these is the gaming industry. Games are a use case that promotes the true adoption of blockchain technology, which transforms users’ motivation from pure speculation to transactions on the blockchain platform. This promotes development innovation and consumer adoption.

According to Newzoo's Global Game Market Report, the global game market will generate 159.3 billion U.S. dollars in revenue in 2020, a year-on-year increase of 9.3%. More importantly, the industry's revenue will exceed $200 billion in 2023. bit-note.oss-cn-hangzhou.aliyuncs.jpg

BitCherry (BCHC) as the world's first technology-based services to IPv8 distributed business expansion can block chain infrastructure. BitCherry block chain technology committed to building commercial real road block chain technology and social ties, to help traditional companies to build credible distributed business environment. BitCherry block chain may be developed by preventing fraudulent activity and provide a safe environment, we will release a game or game currency, thereby bringing huge benefits to game developers and entrepreneurs. There are many popular games and you need to use them before buying. In this case, BitCherry be in a safe way easier to buy and sell in-game assets with the help of encryption currency.

BitCherry (BCHC) technology is a transaction within the establishment and management of game currency account good way. This will help manage rewards for players to win various stages, levels, matches, etc.

BitCherry (BCHC) block chain to develop solutions in the use of game players to buy the game assets, without having to rely on third-party payment providers to handle currency transactions. Speculation on platforms that may find blockchain applications and tokens useful in games is rising, and these platforms are usually listed on top exchanges shortly after launch. With the development of easy to use user interface, BitCherry (BCHC) block chain using aBFT + PoUc consensus mechanism provides a mechanism for higher speed of transactions, to attract viewers eye project release - just a matter of time before mainstream acceptance.

BitCherry (BCHC) block chain technology is particularly suitable for the game, the game can directly benefit from the block chain technology, whether it is technically, or in-game items to unlock the value facet of the game, character development and player recognition. This paved the way for e-sports to become a leader in sports and entertainment, just like the current Internet. Nowadays, traditional media are mostly run on the Internet, so perhaps through blockchain technology, all sports may one day contain elements of e-sports.


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