From classic technology to Led

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What is fascinating about technology is the way it is evolving, starting from the same base or essence without ceasing to meet the same need, taking as an example in 1879 Thomas Alva Edison invented and patented the incandescent bulb. Thanks to his discovery, for more than a century we have enjoyed lighting, with time this technology is transformed into a new technology.

Thanks to this type of technology gives us much confidence and comfort, also its level of economic savings is important, because the life of a bulb its life is not much, which is generating expenditure on the purchase of several, but in the case of the Led is a more dynamic investment saving sense that some are a little more expensive, but we must see the good of the investment in the long and medium term according to the type of LED, the life of a LED lamp is up to 30 times more than an incandescent lamp, 25 times more than a halogen, 30 times more than a fluorescent tube and 3 times more than a low power lamp, we are clear the importance of investing in this type of technology.

LED technology has taken its most recent step with white light LEDs, and over time we have experienced that allows us to replace light bulbs, with the saving of less electricity consumption which focuses on environmental care. As for the LED displays, there are several models of different LEDs such as OLED (organic led) that are manufactured with organic polymer semiconductor materials, so it is a model of being a new technology, LED is defined by its acronym as a light-emitting diode, is nothing more than a small chip of semiconductor material.

At the level of science in physics, it works as follows when it is crossed by an electric current, in the appropriate sense, it emits monochromatic light without producing heat, ie a semiconductor electronic component, this significant LED is only a solid semiconductor body of great strength that to receive a very low electrical current, emits light efficiently and with high performance.

It has the following characteristics: it has a structure, which consists of a very thin wire, between the cathode and the anode, which could give the appearance of fragility, so embedded within the epoxy. The basis of LED technology is based on the diode, this is a two-pronged electronic component that allows the flow of energy through it in one direction.  

For many scientists to handle electricity in electric current, to generate light was a great odyssey until it became reality, because when electricity passes through one of these diodes, the atoms are excited to a great extent. At that time they store a large amount of energy and need to expel it, these light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are semiconductors.

Also thanks to this technology, it became evident that when electrons pass through this type of semiconductor, it becomes light.



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