Forex Trading

PART 1: THE WORLD'S MOST DYNAMIC TRADING MARKET: Trading in the Forex market is one of the most exciting things we can do with the highest potential profit. The scope of business is global, with "goods" being the world's economies. The foreign exchange market is very large, much larger than any other stock market or futures market. There is no such market on earth. The market stakes are also very high: an entire fortune can either win or lose in an instant. To win in this field, we must first learn to understand it. CHAPTER 1: GETTING STARTED IN THE FOREX MARKET: You may already be an experienced trader, or maybe you have just started. Whoever you are, there's one thing you need to remember: Everyone starts from the same starting point. Every trader, every money-maker in any market, starts from a dream. No one is born with an innate and profound understanding of the market. You may think that to be successful in business, you need superior intelligence. However, while admitting brilliance is not redundant, there's no guarantee it will lead to success. Many times too smart business people analyze market situations too much needed. You might also think that you need to read all of the business books.

I have read dozens of such books too and realize that most of them are not worth your time. Most of the books I have read usually contain only a small portion of useful information, packed under a mountain of other innocuous information. I have come to the decision that if asked to write a book about business, it would be different from the books I read. Instead of presenting it in the form of “complicating matters”, I will present a great deal of useful information in a way that most people can understand and appreciate. I think all information will be useless unless it is thoroughly explained, and the best way to fulfill my purpose in helping you to be successful is by linking the concepts you will study below with everyday life. This is a key part of my teaching technique, and you will see it repeated over and over again in the coming pages.

You may be wondering now, "Where do we start?"

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