FIVE (5) MISTAKES young entrepreneurs make when starting their businesses: NUMBER FIVE IS VITAL

Below are some of the mistakes young entrepreneurs make when starting their business:

They never own their business

This point might sound strange but I mean they never take control of the day to day activities of their business. Alot of persons went others to run their business for them. "They went to work from home" while their employees take control of the business. This might be good for a fully grown business but it is in most cases sucidal for an enterprise that is just starting.

They borrow money to start their business

Most young entrepreneurs taught money is the first thing they need to start a business. Therefore, A lot of business starters borrow money to start their new idea or concept and OFTENTIMES ran into debts especially if the business fail. Therefore, it is better to save or get assistance from friends and family to start.

They borrow people their own capital

A lot of early entrepreneurs are very emotional they easily commit there resources to a friend or relative under the disguise of lending to meet a particular need. Some are even excited about making profits that they actually offer to be a microfinance bank to their community of friends.

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They are not ready to learn and unlearn

Business operations are ever changing, therefore young entrepreneurs should be ready to learn and unlearn. Certain principles you read from literature might not immediately apply to your business especially at the early stage. Therefore, it is necessary to unlearn and quickly learn on the business market realities that will move the business forward. We are at a season of serious evolution in the business world, therefore it is anti business growth to stick to a particular pattern or mode of operation if you must succeed.

They start a business without business plan

A lot of young entrepreneurs just start their businesses without carrying out feasibility study. They believe that since I know what I want to do, while do I don't need any paper work. That is oftentimes the recipe for failure. Business plan is a guide for accurate and safe investment. The plan helps the investor to assess the viability of the business and make adjustments were necessary.

Thank you for going through my write up, I hope you were able to benefit one or two things.


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