👁Destruction👁 (Science Fiction / Mystery)

Dr. Abu Saeed asked the shopkeeper with a last sip of tea - "How much is the tea?"

Pretending to be surprised, the shopkeeper raised his eyes to his forehead and said, "Did you say that, sir? Do you want the price of tea from a famous man like you? Can you imagine?"

Abu Saeed felt embarrassed. The tea shopkeeper sitting on the sidewalk is not supposed to know that he is famous. Because famous people are of two types. One- those who are famous to the common people. Two- who are famous to famous people. Abu Saeed is probably the second type of man. He is the head of the anatomy department of a medical college. He has a higher degree from a world-renowned university and has had the opportunity to conduct various researches with local and foreign Bagha Bagha scientists. Famous scientists and knowledgeable people all know him. Maybe he’s as famous as he is. But he doesn't expect the crowd to gather around him if he takes to the streets.

Unprepared, he asked, "Do you know me?"

"Yes sir‚ you teach at Abu Saeed Sub ঢ Dhaka Medical! "

Abu Saeed was able to guess something this time. Maybe one day one of his students said to the shopkeeper while having tea- "Here you see a fat gentleman‚ he is a teacher of Dhaka Medical. Impossibly wise and famous man ... "

Abu Saeed is not in the mood to insist. He left the cup of tea without paying the price and got up. It's time to return home after the morning walk like today.

He started walking towards the house. His home is in a secluded place in Banasree. Living alone in a huge house, he did not get married.

Anamne was suddenly startled to walk. Looking back, he saw two dogs barking and fighting among themselves. A bone between the two dogs. They are fighting to get possession of the bones. Abu Saeed became a little curious. Because looking at the size of the bone, it seems that it is not a cow-goat-human. There is no cemetery nearby - where will the human bones come from! Of course, it may be that the dog brought the bone from a distant grave.

The fight between the two dogs is over. The black dog has won. The brown dog moved to one side and growled in a low voice. A strange thing happened when the black dog put the bone in his mouth. The black dog jumped back as if it had been poisoned. Then he curled his tail and fled. The brown dog followed him. Abu Saeed was quite surprised. The two dogs picked up the bone and walked away. Slightly curved ‚elongated bones. A head like a hammer. He recognized it by looking at it ‚it is a femur‚ human thigh bone.

Suddenly he made a strange decision. He decided to have the bone examined by the forensic department of Dhaka Medical. He would try to find out how long ago the owner of this bone had died. Not for the strange behavior of the two dogs ‚get tested because it seems to him that there is something evil in the bones. He is not superstitious, but he often attaches great importance to his intuition.

Forensic expert said. Humayun Kabir is not a very sociable person. It is his special nature to be a little annoyed. So when Abu Saeed asked him to do a forensic analysis of a barren bone, he was not pleased at all. It is not possible to get cool by doing official work. Even then, he agreed to do the job only because of Abu Saeed's reputation. The request of such an important person like him cannot be ignored. However, Humayun Kabir did not do the job with much need. I will do it today - I will do it tomorrow. Abu Saeed also did not beg.

A month later, when he started working, Humayun Kabir was terribly surprised. He realized that the work should have been done earlier. When he went to inform Abu Saeed, he saw that he was not in the country. Did you go to Switzerland to attend a seminar? Will return after 7 days. He immediately emailed Abu Saeed. No formal writing one line email in straightforward language-

"Sir‚ I analyzed the bone. It's damn weird! "

Abu Saeed received the mail and returned to the country in 3 days instead of 7 days. Abu Saeed arrived at Humayun Kabir's house directly from the airport at 8 am on Friday.

Humayun Kabir's house is quite big and tidy. There is an open garden at the back of the house. Sitting on the verandah, the breeze filled the air. He is survived by his wife and two daughters.

Humayun Kabir sat on a cane chair on the verandah and sipped a cup of washed tea.

"Sir, I don't understand anything about this bone."

"Explain." Dr. said with a sip of his own tea. Abu Saeed.

"Guys." Humayun Kabir took a deep breath. "Everything is fine with the bone, but the ghostly thing is that it was not possible to determine the age of the bone."

"Not possible? Please explain."

"I used the carbon dating method to determine the age of the bones. But when I went on carbon dating, I realized that there is a horrible inconsistency in the bones. To understand what that inconsistency is, you have to understand the carbon dating process. You must have an idea about carbon dating?"

"Rakhi‚ still explain as you like. "

"Carbon dating is done with the help of the Carbon-14 isotope. The Earth's atmosphere is constantly hit by countless cosmic rays. These carbon-14 isotopes also enter the human body as they take in food and oxygen from plants, while carbon-12 atoms are already present in the human body. Carbon dating is based on the ratio of carbon-12 and carbon-14 isotopes. Although the ratios of -12 and 14 are the same, after death carbon-14 breaks down and is converted to carbon-12. Carbon-14 continues to decay as a radioactive atom. The amount of this decay can be deduced from age. "She is so old."

"Thanks. But what's wrong with the bone?"

"The problem with the bone is that according to the laws of nature, the ratio of carbon-14 isotopes is supposed to decrease over time. But in this bone it is increasing!"

Surprised, Abu Saeed almost threw away the cup of tea. "What? You mean a radioactive isotope growing instead of decaying?"


"This is absurd! At least that's not possible in this world."

"I have the same idea. It's as if a clock has suddenly started moving in the opposite direction."

Abu Saeed frowned at Humayun Kabir. He shouted, "What did you say?"

"What did I say?" Humayun Kabir was shocked!

"Say your last word again!"

"It's as if a clock has suddenly started moving in the opposite direction."

"Let's go." Leaving the cup of tea, Abu Saeed got up at the speed of the fall. Humayun Kabir stared at him.

The next two days. Abu Saeed spent a very busy time. He went to various public libraries and read journals, old newspapers and the internet. Two days later he got some information about the mysterious bone. He found that in the last 35 years, six more bones have been found in various cities around the world that could not be carbon-tested because the amount of carbon-14 isotopes in those bones has increased by thumbing the natural law. Many people went to do research on this but did not get anything and finally gave up.

Dhaka Medical College Principal. Shahidullah is not easily aroused do not get angry do not raise your voice. But when he received Abu Saeed's resignation letter, he almost screamed.

"Are you saying all this, Dr. Saeed? You decided to quit your job in a hurry? Tell me what happened? Any problem?"

Honestly, Abu Saeed has no desire to be called crazy. He turned around and replied-

"I'm going on a mission. I have to travel all over the world. I can't say when I'll be back or not."

"What's the matter, Doctor?"

"It's not time to say that yet."

Dr. Shahidullah was at once surprised and annoyed ‚there is a kind of drama in Abu Saeed's words‚ he does not like drama. People get mad when they study too much ‚he wondered if something similar had happened in the case of Abu Saeed. The man who lived alone on her did not get married. Poor thing!

"I think you should get married, Doctor. The age is no less."

Two very bad English words came to Abu Saeed's mouth ‚but he just said-

"Let's go."

Two years later. After finishing the lecture in the auditorium of the California Institute of Technology, Dr. William Zone. He is a tall man and many people can see him walking on his head.

As soon as he entered his office, his PA came running and said, "Sir, an Indian gentleman has come to see you."

Dr. John is a Nobel Prize-winning scientist famous all over the world. The number of people who want to meet him is not small. He said quite threateningly-

"Are you being an asshole day by day, Peter? Anyone who comes in and says I want to meet you just in a hurry? I don't have time? Do you know I have an important meeting today with Dr. Marriott about Project Future Bridge?"

"Sorry sir‚ I don't understand. I'm giving the gentleman back now. "

Peter hurried out. However, as soon as he went to the door, he called. Zone.

"Listen Peter!"


"Want to meet. What's that gentleman's name?"

"His name is Dr. Abu Saeed. He is an anatomist."

The name reminded me of the look of a fat gentleman who had met him at a seminar in Belgium six years ago. Short-spoken gentleman ‚Bengali.

The Third World is still struggling with hunger and poverty ‚there aren't many good brains out there. But everyone knows the number of brains that can be seen. Dr. Abu Saeed is also very well known in the field of oral science আছে he has a lot of basic research that arouses response. There must be something important about this gentleman when he wants to meet John.

"Bring him. And go here with two cups of coffee."

Two minutes later, Abu Saeed entered the room. John thought that the gentleman was getting older after the last meeting. He looks weaker. But the eyes are as radiant as before াপ the impression of intelligence is clear.

Sitting in the chair, Abu Saeed said-

"Dr. John: I'm not here to waste your time. I'm here for something very important."

"Say, Dr. Saeed. I don't have time to waste. I have a meeting after a while. Tell me briefly."

"Over the last two years, I have found six bones all over the world‚ six different countries. Eight bones from different parts of the human body. I have done DNA tests and found that six bones belong to the same person. "

"6 bones belong to the same man but they were found in 7 different countries of the world?"


"Strange! But what do I have to do with it?"

"Guys‚ there's a weird thing about these seven bones. It's that they can't be carbon-tested. "

"Why not?"

Abu Saeed explained the ghostly issue of carbon testing. Zone. Jon's eyes widened on hearing this.

"My God! This is ridiculous!"

"Dr. John: Don't think I'm crazy. I think these bones are the bones of a future human being! Someone in the future wanted to break the time and space dimension and come back to the past.

Dr. John laughed. Said-

"Needless to say, your idea is ridiculous!"

"Then listen to the whole of my ridiculous idea. The people of the future are not fools‚ they will come to the past in the intoxication of discovery without any reason at the risk of their lives টা it may not be. Maybe they want to give us an important message! Very important !! "

"There is no place for unsubstantiated ideas in science. You know that, Dr. Saeed!"

"I know. I don't have proof at the moment. I don't know if my idea is true or false. But I can probably help you with Project Future Bridge."

"So? How?"

"At Project Future Bridge, you have been trying to connect with the future for the last three years. What progress has been made yet?"

Dr. John shook his head in frustration. "Nah‚ it didn't happen !! But we don't understand why it's not happening. There's nothing wrong with our equations. Theoretically our theory is correct. But it's not working in practice.

"Maybe I know why it's not working!"


"If my idea is true‚ that is, if the bones are of the future, then the proportion of carbon-14 has increased against the laws of nature because of coming from the future. That is, there is a kind of antagonism between the future and the present. "

"What's your point?"

"My point is that you are not trying to communicate with the future. The contradictions of time are hindering you. Rather, if you try to communicate with the past, then the future will come before you and I think it is very important to communicate with the future right now. "People of the future want to tell us something something very important."

Dr. John's eyebrows furrowed. He is watching the words of Abu Saeed.

2252 The Academy of Sciences has called an emergency meeting. Speaking alone, the president of the academy Bratya-

"Today's meeting is very important for human civilization. We all know that the world will be destroyed in 2069. There was a 9 magnitude earthquake on a Richter scale for three days in a row. Civilization survives, all scientific discoveries ‚art literature‚ almost everything survives, man conquers the cataclysm, but what does he do? He died ‚but from the bones of his corpse a Bengali anatomist anticipated the incident and communicated with the help of others.

With the people of 2269 ‚that is, 36 years from today."

Hearing this, a very young young woman named Irina said-

"We know all this, Mr. President. They contacted in 2269 and collected enough information to protect human civilization."

"Irina: Tell me when you know! Who is the person who broke the time and space dimension and gave his life to go to the past world from our time?"

"I don't know. There's no information about that person anywhere. I didn't know who he was."

"That's right. We have a great responsibility to protect civilization. Some of us have to go to the past - some have to die voluntarily. Who will be that person?"

The idea of ​​the vow was that very few people would raise their hands ‚maybe no one would. But to everyone's surprise, everyone in the room raised their hands. He saw in everyone's face a strong desire to sacrifice his life for the protection of civilization.

"Gentlemen, I am very glad to know that each of you has a strong tendency to practice humanism. However, since I have the responsibility of the Academy of Sciences, I want to go back to the past."

Irina shouted, "But you have a wife and children, Mr. President ..."

Bratya raised his hand and said, "There will be no more talk about this. I am the president of the Academy of Sciences and this is my order!"

36 years later ‚2269.

Today, a bridge is to be built between the past and the future. People all over the world are looking forward to that Mahendrakshan.

Elder Irina is currently the president of the Academy of Sciences. He is sitting in front of 50 scientists and many super computers. Pin drop silence all over the world. Everyone is anxious.

Suddenly a green light appeared on the screen of the super computer. A scientist shouted-

"Mr. President, that transmission has been found. Someone from the past wants to communicate with the future."

Irina said in a calm voice-

"Since when?"

"I see - wait ... since 2019."

"Control the time dimension don't let them go before or after."

"Yes! I'm doing it !!"

After a while, the four-dimensional communication module came alive. One shouted again-

"Communicated‚ Communicated! "

Three faces were seen on the holographic screen. All three are old! Irina spoke-

"Welcome to the world of 2269. I am Irina. President of the Academy of Sciences. We have been waiting for you for 36 years."

"Thank you. I'm Dr. William John. I have Dr. Abu Saeed and Professor Emmet Marriott with us. Our communication module is very weak. Communication can be lost at any time. So finish your talk very quickly and briefly. You want to send an important message. Isn't it? "

"Yes, that's right. Then don't waste time. Listen, there will be a catastrophe on Earth in 2069. There will be a 9 magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale for three days in a row. There will be tidal surges and low air pressure all over the world. Everything will be destroyed!"

"My God. What's the way to escape from this?"

"Run away. You have to run away with all the people of the world for the whole 16 days. You have to be very prepared."

"Where to escape? And how to prepare?"

"Even if the whole world is destroyed, the violence in some cities will be much less. Those 16 cities will remain almost intact. In addition to these places, you will create temporary housing in space."

Irina named 16 cities. John asked-

"And preparation?"

"Save all the discoveries of the world‚ art literature on different hard disks keep them in the collection ‚with utmost importance. And one more thing ..."

Suddenly communication was cut off. The holographic screen went dark.

Irina was quite disappointed. Said- "Some more instructions needed to be given."

One scientist said, "Don't be discouraged, Mr. President. I hope they've got the necessary instructions.

"So be it!"

That's what happened - the man survived the journey. Civilization survived. But the cataclysm will come again and again ‚how many times will mankind be able to save themselves‚ who knows!


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