Curiosity and Risk Taking; Habits of the Rich, the Poor don't Poccess

Everyone has their habits they cannot do about, and do not forget that character and repeated actions form habits. Having a rigid routine, working with certain tricks and performing a few exercises and other things. I have met with a lot of people both great and small, the financially buoyant and the people struggling financially and everyone has their different habits. Impressively, they are always a few habits that differ among them.

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Habits are different from the rich to the poor and the two habits that differentiate the rich from the poor and they are; the ability to learn new things and the ability to take risk. It takes a person who wants to learn new things and explore new things to read books on a monthly basis and I could call this curiosity. Do not forget the proverbial saying “Curiosity killed the cat”, to me, this doesn’t work all the time as being curious positively help people grow and improve their lives.

The will to learn more about everything new, everything profitable, everything worth its learning is called curiosity. If you have studied the lifestyle of the rich, they are never satisfied as they are curious to a fault, willing to go after everything that looks important to the and worth their time.

Taking risk is another habit of the rich, the rich are willing to take all kind of risk provided they are calculated risks. One of such risk is starting a business. The fact that they are willing to sacrifice their resources and their time in creating a business that they do not know if it would be successful but once they are able to do their risk management exercise, with the result that they can be successful on it, then they are willing to take the risk.

The ability to pursue every potential avenue so as to get result from it is a result of curiosity and the ability to do those things is called risk taking and risk taking are often profitable for curious people and when curiosity in the right form meet with proper risk taking, wealth and success is guaranteed.


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