Cuba Opens Door To More Small Private Business Opportunity

The cuban government is going to make changes in allowing people in the region to pursue more small private business freedom. They will make legislative changes allowing them to explore a new economic opportunity in dozens of industries and this means they are expanding upon their approved activities list that people can go by to pursue economic prosperity in the country.

Allowing More Small Private Business Freedom

Looking to get help from the impact that COVID-19 has had on the region, the island will be looking to foster new economic opportunity for millions living there. This means they will get to pursue private small business opportunities in hundreds of different activities.

In the last several years they have increasingly made changes to welcome more capitalism into the region and it's obvious they have felt the impact of that success. The people in the region have as well. Previous to that change people had been working as engineers and dentists, but soon found they could make more money with a simple private bakery once they got the chance to try it.

The people here need freedom to pursue economic prosperity just as they do anywhere else, but they've been severely and unjustly restricted by the government in that area.

More doctors, lawyers, and other professionals have decided to leave their government jobs and pursue something that offers them more opportunity. Once they had the chance to go about working in the private sector, many jumped at it, and now they will get even more opportunity to do just that.

They are looking to small businesses to help them expand and grow their economy and to help create jobs at a time when the region needs it the most.

The travel industry contributes significantly to the GDP of the country, bringing in billions of dollars yearly, but all of that changed with COVID-19. When things got tough it meant looking to deregulation and expanding self-employment and small business opportunities in the region, they are looking to remove more obstacles and give more opportunity. After all, they have got to know that it will benefit them in the end.

In recent months they've also made changes in allowing small businesses in the region to access wholesale imports and exports, but they are still required to go through state companies to do it. Previously, the government had permitted small private businesses to work in 127 fields or 'activities' but they will be changing that now to allow them to explore more than 2,000.

Pics: pixabay


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