Contemplating My Raffle Results ROI & How To Get 65.976% Discount For Land

Splinterlands is one of the greatest things to happn to Hive. @aggroed @yabapmatt and other devs have built something great. In game economics and incentives are some of the best in Blockchain Biz. If you don't think that...... you seriously need to take a deepr look at the game.

I Had Spend $112 Buying Land - Here's My Raffle Rewards

Raffle 1.png

It turns out these prizes aren't grouped together. I've seen grouped together openings. Maybe Splinterlands devs made this change to make it appear like we've won a lot more for out buck :)

Raffle 2.png

Let's Check ROI

I know it's not super fair because this was a bonus reward for all of us wo wanted to support the development by helping to raise funds in the presale.

Price of Totems can have some serous swings as we get to know more about how they are applied. All we know for now is each level in rarity is 5 times rarer than the previous one. Thant's a helpful number to keep an eye on.


This is the crazy stuff that happen with low liquidity. I can go with this number

If I go with roughly 3X price for 5X increase in rarity, I could end up with around $15 for Epic Totem. I could divide Legendary price by 5 and call it

1 Raffle Ticket Was $0.289 At The End

That's the last known price. They were selling for much lower.

I'm grateful for the luck I've had. This is some great ROI when you factor in I paid nothing for tickets and would have made less than what I got in rewards (prizes) if I had sold my raffle tickets.

65.976% Discount For Land.

It's crazy fun what you discover while you are digging info for other stuff. There's one catch here. You have to buy a full Tract at once (100 Plots).


That's buying up $2000 worth Plots. Those who got them at a discount might still be making a good profit at these prices. Maybe they setup their prices once and didn't check how Hive price changed over time.

Either way you guys have a great chance if you can have enough liquidity. There's no more prizes to win AFAIK. If there are some other news let us know in the comments :)


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