Cleaning an electronic card


Hello everyone I am a lover of electronics, well since I am working with my aunt and uncle in their electronics store I have learned a lot, from placing it batteries to make electronic board washing, then I will mention that it is all electronic devices and appliances has electronic board, but that electronic board that is also called printed circuit board, that is because it is a surface constituted by paths of conductive material laminated on a non-conductive base, you know something that the printed circuit is used to connect electrically through the conductive tracks, the material which is used for its elaboration is reinforced fiberglass resins, ceramics, plastic, Teflon.


Thanks to the electronic board the energy that passes through it is, through conductive tracks, usually copper, which are very thin a rail is generated, everything is born from the following idea of Paul Eisler around the year 1936 when he manufactured a radio, giving rise to new innovations to pieces of this technology, at present the substrate is handled may have different compositions, None of these are conductive so that each electrical track has its own signal and voltage, to clean it can be used dye or alcohols that do not damage the plate, remember that it also has electrode, cleaning is done to have a better electrical conduction and each piece on it to work with its recommended voltage.


On this day I am cleaning a plate of an internet rauter, which was failing by the electronic downs we face daily, you can also use a toothbrush or a soft wax brush, after the chemical oa do is advisable to place them for a few minutes a hairdryer that leaves well dry and without moisture to the electronic board. I hope you liked this moment of knowing about the electric plates.


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