Civilization is now giving African women a breakthrough voice in their families.

Hello friends, it is the last day in the month of February and I hope we had a good one? I understand that some ugly experiences might have popped up during the month but I just want to encourage everyone to hold on to the good things that happened during the month and let that keep a smile on your face every single day as we approach this new month, not forgetting to reflect over the mistakes of the past and let them guide you towards actualizing a better future.

The post I am writing today was inspired by a very god customer of mine and I decided to quickly pick up my writing instrument to put this down before the inspiration flies away (my usual self), this man was a one-time amazing customer who always comes to patronize my business, he was one of the good customers I had back then, his wife was not working she was completely a stay home type of mum and from what I observed from their marriage the man calls the complete shot in the family.


The husband makes money and he is obviously a lavish spender who has a lot of friends to party with every now and then, the wife on the other hand has to make do with whatever money she has been given by her husband and has no right at all to make any complaints whatsoever, apart from being a lavish spender he also loves to flirt with a lot of women.

I observed their lifestyle and it became very clear that this woman was living an unhappy life in this marriage and she just needs a break which I don’t think she might get any time soon. It is a common act in African culture (although things are changing fast), that a man works very hard to make good money to take care of himself and his family while the woman is trained by the family to become a good home maker and an house keeper, this makes it difficult for the woman to have a voice when it comes to the finance of the family.

I am however thankful for civilization, women are gaining their voices and this is happening with an increased passion every now and then. A lot of women now have their own jobs and this makes them a common contributor to the upkeep of the family just like the men, this makes it easy for their voices to be heard when it has to do with the way finances is being handled.


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