Cash does not bite you! Don't throw him out in a hurry!


First of all, the market is under emotional pressure, and the decline is fast and rapid, so any short-term results may appear. Just like last year's crude oil, a negative delivery was made. Brent crude oil once fell below $16. If there is no restriction on purchases, this is a great investment opportunity, but many people start buying at more than US$50 and make up for more than 30. In the end, it really fell down. Instead, they dare not buy and have no money to buy. Later, the purchase restriction was opened, and I lost confidence in crude oil a long time ago, and did not dare to make up later, resulting in a great investment opportunity was wasted. Otherwise, making money is a proper thing. So hunting down too early will disrupt your mentality and rhythm. Don't take it as a joke, which is very harmful. Bargaining at this time is not to prove that you have a stable mind and that you are learning well, but it is just a sign of immaturity. When making a fixed investment in 2018, many people burned out the bullets ahead of time, and finally the cost could not be lowered.


Secondly, in terms of valuation, the position can now be purchased again, so if you open a position, that is, you have to buy in 3 months, you can invest in 3322 combinations, or you can buy 5 2 combinations, and you can now buy. Because you are going to buy it for 3 months in the future, there is no need to choose a time node. And if you are covering a position, whether you have money in your hand, or the profit was taken from other assets before, then wait until the market stabilizes before adding it. At that time, you may be able to pick up lower chips. It is also more conducive for us to spread the cost down. Someone said that if it was pulled up again immediately, what should I do if I didn't copy it? If it didn't copy it, it didn't copy it. Never want to copy that tip. People are not gods. It's normal to fail to copy. Every time we rebalance our land volume, it is not the lowest point, but it is a relatively low point. that's enough. Then there are two criteria for judging actions. One is that the volume of transactions is significantly reduced, and the other is that the market volatility is reduced. For example, today’s volatility is more than 5%. When the fluctuation range of the all-day index is less than 1%, then action can be considered

Third, what to buy? Combination priority, don’t be a messy hot. What carbon neutrality is definitely a pit in the future. Now we will recognize three directions, one is combination, one is wide-based index, and the other is active star fund with too large drawdown. . Novice investors, mainly do the first two. That is, once the market stabilizes, buy additional portfolios and buy indexes. Experienced friends can over-allocate over-adjusted star funds in addition to 80% of the allocation.

Fourth, whether to change the ratio of the combination or not, this requires further observation. This is not necessary at present. It is precisely because of such a stable proportional relationship that the retracement of 3322 can be controlled. The retracement of 5 2 combinations is 3 percentage points larger than his. This is the ratio of stocks 4 bonds 6 and stocks 6 bonds 4 the difference. We still have the bond allocation in hand, so it is enough to prevent extreme risks. Once extreme risks occur, for example, if they really fall by 40%, then the ratio must be changed. Then the bond part will be released, and your loss will be rapid. decline. After doing the calculation, the market fell 40%, and the 3322 fell 15% at most. At this time, the bond bottom was released. When the market rose 15-20%, all the losses would be recovered. If someone else’s full position index fell by 40 % Means that you have to rise by 70-80% to recover the loss, so don't use the bond ballast and reserve team lightly and prematurely. Once the bond is released, then you have no choice but to be slaughtered. The mentality is very easy to collapse.

Fifth, should the combination of 5 2s be changed to 3322, and should 3322 be changed to 5 2s? There have been many questions like this. Today, I will answer in a unified way. If 5 2s could be transferred to 3322 when it was rising before, but now it cannot be transferred. If it is falling and you reduce your risk, then it means that when you are rising, you You have to pay a bigger increase to recover the loss. Therefore, there is a risk of permanent loss. Please note that volatility is not a risk, but a permanent loss is a risk. In other words, if you buy it when it falls, then you have caused a loss. Therefore, the risk cannot be reduced at this time, and it must be carried to death. You can write a check, after all, it has only retraced 10% now, why can't I hold it? When I chose 5 2 combinations, did I wrongly estimate my risk tolerance?

After the market stabilizes and stabilizes again, the 3322 can be transformed into 5 2s, or outside the 3322, with 20% of the star fund. In fact, it has also changed the structure of stocks, 4s, bonds and 6s, which will be conducive to the combination by then. Rebound, help you quickly recover your losses.

So on the whole, at this time, the most correct thing we can do is to wait and don’t panic. This kind of big drop is temporary and will soon come back. The faster he fell, the less problematic he was. It was just a catharsis. When everyone calmed down, they had to return to the market. So the more you are in panic, the less you can't move, the more you move, the more mistakes you will make, and the greater your loss.


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