Books are the best financial means


 Books about financial technology are overflowing these days. People wonder how to get rich. There are also many lectures related to this, and people wait in line for the lectures of the people who are calling. I ponder how to learn their know-how and become rich. Real estate, stocks, and auctions are examples, and star instructors already have loyal customers. Even a word of some real estate sticker makes local apartment prices hilarious. 

 Of course, there is a big difference between knowing and not knowing. The results are different from those who collect and invest information in cafes related to financial technology and those who do not move at all. To move is to take an action, and a person who does not move is to be still. Taking an action will result in'+' or'–', but if you are still, it will be '0'. Of course there is no result. 

 Honestly, I don't know much about financial technology. Stocks tend to be long-term investments by choosing only one stock. Looking at the next year or two, the money is buried, so it doesn't really help profit. In addition to that, there are funds in Jaetech, which make their own savings. In addition, financial technologies such as real estate are mainly managed by the wife. 

 Looking up to this point, I seem to be a jerk about financial technology. But I invest in myself from a longer-term perspective. Invest in health, in knowledge, and in experience. It doesn't show me the great value of hundreds of millions or billions of won, but it raises the potential value. 

 Books are a prime example. It is difficult to expect a financial and direct effect right away through a book. Star instructors mentioned above, especially those who have loyal fans related to financial technology, are relatively easy to make a bestseller once a book is published. However, self-development, essays, humanities, management, history, etc., it is not easy to make a bestseller unless you are a highly recognized writer. 

 However  , more attention should be paid to the'indirect effect'.  If the direct effect is due to bestsellers, the indirect effect is when the book becomes a fuse. The book acts like a business card to me and increases my credibility. You can show all about yourself in one book without having to explain who I am. No matter how hard I wrote a resume, a book represents all of me. 

 The same goes for reading. Thousands of people have said that it is good to read books from hundreds of years ago to now. But most people don't read books. This is because there is no'direct effect'. If it's not a practical book such as Jaetech, a line of books is a vulgar word that means'I won't feed you. However, in order to know the role of a book as a fuse, you must read the book steadily. At some point, I will feel a big door open in front of my eyes. It is as if the'God of Books' came down. 

 The biggest advantage of reading and writing books is'change'. The frame of thought expands, and the eyes to see the world change. I desperately feel that I am a frog in a well. Also, my confused mind is cleared up, and I desperately think about how to live in the future. 

 When the frame of thought changes, your actions change, your values ​​change, and you can increase your potential. We raise our invisible and infinite potential to the surface. 

 Books (reading, writing) → organizing your mind, acquiring knowledge, indirect experiences → changing values ​​→ changing behavior → increasing potential → increasing my values 

 As we make this change, we change our frame and our eyes to see the world change. More opportunities are visible to me. The way they look at people and those who see me change. Because I have changed. 

 People who work at a company see greater value and work on their jobs, and those who do business are also aiming for money but thinking of a greater purpose. The reason why this value establishment is important is to not be shaken even if you make money later and succeed. When you enter the company's homepage, the first things you see are'Vision' and'Mission'. This is because it is so important to set a great value.

 Making money is important, but managing it well and, more importantly, establishing values ​​that do not lose yourself. To do this, you have to read a book. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Chairman Son Jeong-eui, former President Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and many other great people who have proclaimed the value of books are numerous. 

 Rather than pursuing the visible'money' right away, I need to invest to change myself first. That doesn't mean you shouldn't study financial skills. Direct investments such as real estate, stocks, and auctions are also required. However, I hope that I will not forget the indirect investment that establishes my values ​​and invests in myself. 

 Even today, I read a beautiful phrase rather than a single line of gossip news or obscene comments. This is the story of a promising neurosurgeon who left behind his beloved wife. Reading this book reminds me of the value of life and the attitude of life in the future. 

 Not only this. At some point, I provide ideas for my work and receive ideas for the next book. Everything is connected. That is why the humanities are attracting attention. So, whether it's a hard copy or an ebook, don't put the book out of your hand. To do that, I have to make my own system to read 10 minutes after waking up every morning and 10 minutes before bedtime. After 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 100 days, 6 months, 1 year, I will feel the change. 

 “To succeed, increase your energy. Then, naturally, people will be attracted to you. When they come, give out the bill!” -Writer Stuart Wilde

 I keep talking so that my mouth hurts, but books are the best financial means. I hope more people read and change. To do that, I will continue to preach with pain in my mouth and pain in my hand. Let's get a book now. Read a line, feel the change, and try to attract'wealth'.


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