Blockchain multi-dimensional empowering finance Blockchain financial application forum highlights gathering

The characteristics of blockchain decentralization, no prior trust, code-based operation, and autonomy have changed the trust model of traditional finance, and provided new solutions for financial problems. Finance is also the most explored field in the application scenarios of blockchain technology. Specific projects have been implemented in sub-fields such as supply chain finance, trade finance, payment and settlement, and capital management. The 2020 Trusted Blockchain Summit will set up a special blockchain financial application forum. The guests of the forum brought the current practical experience and in-depth insights into the application of blockchain technology in the financial field, and jointly promoted the rapid implementation of blockchain in the financial field.


Zhao Chenggang, director of the system department of the China Banking Association, is the host of this forum. He said that since the important speech on the blockchain on October 24 last year, he has seen very obvious changes, and the financial application of the blockchain has shown a prosperous development trend. .

He Baohong, director of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, attended the forum and delivered a speech. He said that in our opinion, 2020 is the first year of the development of the industrial blockchain, and the blockchain is moving from a bubble and idealized state to more For healthy development.

Zhou Haijing, the technical director of ICBC Technology’s blockchain technology, opened the forum’s keynote speech with a speech entitled “Fintech Empowers Smart Agriculture, Rural Areas and Agriculture-Blockchain Serving Rural Rejuvenation and Helping the Construction of Agriculture and Rural Areas”. What are our experiences when we grow up in finance" and "how do we apply these experiences to a specific scenario" and so on.

Wang Peng, Director of Blockchain Research and Development of Kelan Software, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Financial Blockchain Application and Future Development". He shared the case and experience of Kelan Software's blockchain application in the banking industry. Kelan Software Co., Ltd. was born in 1999. After 21 years of development, the company’s technical level has also been recognized in the banking industry. According to IDC data statistics, Kelan Software is currently in the channel category, mobile banking solutions, direct banking The solution occupies an absolute leading position. Wang Peng said that Kelan's blockchain is customized and flexible. We will customize the blockchain to build an application layer.

How to aggregate and transfer the value of assets through digital means? Lin Le, the founder of Energy Chain Technology, delivered a keynote speech titled "Blockchain, From Industrial Digitalization to Financial Digitalization". He said that around the practice of Energy Chain on the industrial and financial ends, we are doing two things. One thing is the capitalization of data, allowing data to be effectively circulated within the industry, giving full play to the value of data, and making data a key production factor; the second is the digitization of assets, relying on the power of data in the financial field , Make the information of assets transparent and effective with asset ownership, and conduct transactions and circulation on the blockchain.

Zhang Rong, head of the Shanghai Insurance Exchange’s blockchain, shared a keynote speech entitled “Blockchain Empowers the High-quality Development of the Insurance Industry”. The Shanghai Insurance Exchange’s positioning is the industry’s infrastructure and comprehensive service platform. One of the most important attributes is service supervision, and the other is serving the market. Zhang Rong pointed out that the blockchain technology is slowly moving up from the bubble period. From the insurance industry, we also have some expectations. We believe that the blockchain presents several trends in the insurance industry. One is that the technical operation and maintenance is more refined. , Easy to use, easy to operate and maintain, platform security is more controllable, this is mainly about privacy security; technology applications must be coordinated to provide a complete solution, especially like the Internet of Things, and the network scale is wider, this means Cross-chain. In order to advance the progress, the insurance industry will do several things next: one is to set standards as a starting point to promote industry-wide large-scale applications; the other is to integrate industry forces and promote the research and development of underlying technologies; the last one is very important for talents.

What are the typical characteristics of government platforms when they are used in blockchain applications? Wang Zhao, Director of Enterprise Capital Data Center of Xi’an Enterprise Capital Service Center Co., Ltd. delivered a keynote speech entitled "Application and Thinking of Blockchain Technology for Government Integrated Financial Service Platform". Three points are summarized: one is that the blockchain serves specific business needs; the other is that the government integrated financial service platform provides a typical 2B multi-party information collaboration scenario; the third is that the blockchain technology solution in practice needs to fully consider the economics of the project. Solve the core problem.

Liu Tiancheng, Vice President of Yijian Shares, shared a keynote speech titled "Yijian Block 4.0-Integrated Supply Chain Service Platform". He released Yijian Block 4.0 integrated supply chain service platform to help provide financial transactions. Higher quality assets enhance the liquidity of assets.

In addition, the forum also set up a round-table dialogue session. He Tao, an engineer from China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, is the host of this session. He and Zhigui Technology Vice President Yang Zhaofeng, Qulian Technology Beijing Branch Vice President Zhang Beilong, and Energy Chain Technology Vice President Liu Yu and Liu Tiancheng, vice president of Yijian Co., Ltd. had a wonderful conversation on topics such as "Blockchain Multi-Dimensional Empowering Finance". He Tao said that the financial industry is an export-oriented industry, and it is also a highly data-dependent industry. Liu Yu also expressed his own opinions. He said that all industries and all industries in the future may run on the blockchain, but this will not happen overnight. Today, he may be exploring the subdivision field, and the technological maturity itself It is innovation and application.

The application of blockchain technology to the financial industry has shown us the potential for stable development of financial digitalization.


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