Bilanx Chain: The world's first blockchain 4.0 technology pioneer

Bilanx Chain is a brand-new blockchain architecture, positioned as an easy-to-use high-performance blockchain platform, aiming to achieve performance expansion of distributed applications to meet the real business needs of the real world. The architecture provides account, identity and license management, policy management, database, asynchronous communication, and program scheduling on thousands of CPUs, FPGAs or clusters. Through low-latency and high-concurrency hardware acceleration technology, it can achieve every second Millions of transactions are confirmed within seconds.


  1. Bilanx Chain supports national development

Bilanx Chain uses the more widely used and less difficult secondary development Java language for operating system development, and encapsulates a large number of API interfaces for non-professional blockchain developers to use, which greatly reduces the decentralization area of ​​ordinary developers The development of blockchain applications is committed to solving the problems of poor scalability and difficulty in secondary development caused by the existing blockchain basic network due to its development language, and greatly promotes the development of blockchain technology.

2.Bilanx Chain supports millions of users

Applications such as Ebay, Uber, AirBnB, and Facebook require blockchain technology that can handle tens of millions of daily active users. In some cases, the application may not work properly unless it reaches a large number of users, so a platform that can handle a large number of users is crucial. The bottom layer design of Bilanx Chain is 1000000TPS/sec, which completely solves the congestion problem of the existing public chain network, realizes the transaction receipt in seconds, and makes the large-scale commercial implementation of blockchain technology barrier-free.

  1. Bilanx Chain supports free use

Sometimes application developers need to flexibly provide users with free services, and users do not have to pay for using the platform. Platforms that can be used for free may naturally receive more attention. With a sufficient user scale, developers and enterprises can create corresponding profit models. Bilanx Chain is fully open source, catering to the network selection needs of developers in the entire industry, and ultra-low transaction fees cater to large-scale commercial needs.

4.Bilanx Chain supports easy upgrade and fault repair

Applications based on Bilanx Chain naturally need to be able to support software upgrades during functional iteration. All software may be affected by bugs. When a blockchain underlying platform encounters a bug, it needs to be able to fix the bug from the bug.

5.Bilanx Chain supports low latency

Timely feedback is the foundation of a good user experience. If the delay time exceeds a few seconds, it will greatly affect the user experience and seriously reduce the competitiveness of the program. The Bilanx Chain consensus module algorithm is improved based on the PBFT and DPOS node representative election rules, and the high-performance Paxos consensus algorithm is innovatively launched. Under the premise of ensuring the strong consistency of the BFT system, the overall transaction throughput and system stability of the system are improved, and the most difficult distributed consistency problem in the blockchain field is solved. It can stably reach millions of TPS and transactions. The confirmation time is controlled at 3s.

6.Bilanx Chain supports serial and parallel performance

Some applications cannot be implemented with parallel algorithms because the command execution must be sequential. Applications such as exchanges often need to handle a large number of serial operations, so Bilanx Chain innovative blockchain architecture has powerful serial performance. At the same time, large-scale applications need to divide the workload between multiple CPUs and computers, and Bilanx Chain can achieve multi-terminal parallel functions.

  1. Bilanx Chain's excellent underlying technology blessing. The mature underlying public chain in the future should have relatively complete technical characteristics, such as: "innovative smart contract, "layering", "sharding", "side chain", "cross-chain", "multi-chain parallel", "agent With technologies such as "re-encryption" and "mass storage", Bilanx Chain has turned these technologies into reality one by one, creating a precedent in the public chain industry.

At the same time, Bilanx Chain builds an integrated decentralized bottom-level structure of the full-field business ecology by building an integrated public chain + digital asset storage interaction + blockchain cross-border e-commerce platform + diversified DAPP + Defi system + entertainment system and other content. No need for independent development, just select and stack in Bilanx Chain according to their own needs. Consumers no longer need to go through cumbersome registration and certification links, and can truly experience the decentralized one-stop service.


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