Are analytics and metrics the same thing?


From my experience both term are differ analytics and metrics so let us discuss the from the following points:

The Difference Between Metrics and Analytics?

While both metrics and analytics refer to ways of interacting with collecting data, they don’t mean the same thing. In the simplest terms, metrics are the data you collect and analytics are the insights you draw from your data. We’ll dive into the specifics below.


As we said above, your metrics are the data you collect. Anything that can be objectively measured in numeric form counts as a metric. Some examples of metrics include:

Your total revenue for a time frame Number of customers in a month Average amount spent per customer Number of visitors to your website Your metrics are also used to define your KPIs and how you measure your business’s success. For example, your company could watch the customer acquisition cost metric and set a goal to reduce those costs to better fit your needs.

Your KPI would measure how successful your initiatives have been at reducing your CAC.

Metrics differ based on industry and it’s crucial to know which ones work best for companies who have been successful in your industry.


Analytics is the process for analyzing your data. Analytics has nothing to do with actually gathering the data, it’s the second step where the data is given meaning. Then, based on your analysis you can make realistic goals and decisions.

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