A sale towards energy

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To think of the time the human being dominated the technology and with it new knowledge, that every day advances of exponential way, that as well ul use of the technology is to help us to make the things of our daily life easier, of the same form they advance on the handling of new sources of energy.

The important thing of the energy to know about it, thanks to it the nights are not dark is enjoyed ignition of electrical light, since the energy is the capacity that has the matter to produce work in the form of movement, we can see TV, to walk in bus, to travel to the space, to fly a plane, grace to the energy and its different types source of energy.

There is a great variety of energy source from the solar one, the hydroelectric energy is the one that has to do with the electricity generated taking advantage of the energy of the water in movement, as well as the electric energy in it is made reference of a difference of potential between two points, so that it can conduct the electric current, the nuclear energy and a very important data within the field of the physics is considered that the bodies have potential, kinetic and internal energy, which this transmit energy in form of heat and work, everything apart from the diversity of use of the energy.

The knowledge of all this is to be handled with prudence and to make known the knowledge of a good administration of the technology in its use and to educate on it, since at the present time there are new technologies, as also it is tried in the measure to generate energy that does not contaminate the environment.

Science and technology are linked holding hands, over time great scientists made known different forms of energy and where they came from, as did Niels Bohr explaining the theory of absorption and emission of electromagnetic energy of atoms based on the quanta



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