A Better Life With Steem || Learn With Steem || Let's Learn To Develop Games # 1 ( Beginner )

Hello everyone ! Today I want to teach you how to develop games . This will be beginner tutorial and everyone who are interested can follow along. I learnt to develop games for a year now and now I want to teach you overall process in creating games. I will try to post daily if I get time. Since this is my first post about teaching developing games, I will start with very basic so that it won't bee too much for fist tutorial. Let's Start : Game_Dev_1.png Source

Software Used


Game Engine

We will be using Unity as a Game Engine and Visual Studio as an Editor to write code / scripts for our games. Installing software is pretty easy and straightforward from their official site. If any problem let me know. -

Programming Language


User Interface


Don't get scared by all those layouts, tabs and menus. It is quite intimidating but fairly simple and easy. I will try to explain one by one.


These layouts are just maximized of previous Image for better view. I have missed some layouts to explain because I want to take it slow so that information won't be too much for first time.







There are more tabs to discuss but I want to stop here for first Tutorial. I hope its not getting difficult. If any problem you can let me know. I will answer them. So these are basic to make you familiar with software. You can explore more of yourself from their documentation. I hope this is helpful to some or extra information to those who are keen to know how these Development of Games Works.

Next Time, I will go through Each Menu and try to describe them in simple few words.

Lastly, Thanks to @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 for their constant support.

Thank your for reading... Good Day !


Future reading