2021-3-10 Making money is not easy

The recently volatile US market, especially the Nasdaq, rebounded strongly yesterday, directly rising by 3.69%.

Was there any news change in the United States yesterday? It seems that nothing has changed either, that is, the yield of US Treasury bonds has been adjusted a little at one time, but there has been no major adjustment.

At most, on Wednesday, the House of Representatives will formally vote to pass the $1.9 trillion stimulus policy. There is no suspense about this.

So what's more is that if it fell too much in the previous period, it will rebound. The S&P rose by 1.42 and the Nasdaq 3.69. On the contrary, the Dow Jones rose relatively little, rising slightly by 0.1%.

Among the hotspots, Tesla, the new energy vehicle sector, which has plummeted recently, has soared by nearly 20%. The procyclical sector in the United States is somewhat differentiated.

This is a report from the US market. It's as simple as that. To put it bluntly, there is no one in the US market. In the short term, we have to say which sector is a deterministic opportunity.

Including yesterday, I also participated in the spring exchange meeting of Tianfeng Securities. At that time, everyone was still saying that the Dow seems to have gone very strong recently, and it seems that the entire style has been transferred to the traditional sector.

In fact, I don't think it is true. No one can make short-term forecasts.

Back to A-shares, in fact, to put it simply, the A-share market originally estimated that highly valued varieties will be undervalued, and we always recommend that you do not touch them.

It is estimated that the high-valued varieties will return to reasonable, so that after the funds are released, they can be underestimated.

What we thought at the time was that when the entire market could be stabilized, there would be a structural transformation of funds.

Before the Spring Festival, there was already a characteristic of transformation, but the final result was that the entire market index fell, and even the underestimated varieties were killed even lower.

Although the decline was much smaller than that of high valuations, there was also a significant decline.

Therefore, there is really no way to predict the short-term market. But obviously this wave of kills and falls.

Especially for the varieties with low and medium valuations, the varieties supported by fundamentals actually caused a relatively large unexpected damage.

Time still needs to be stretched a little longer. Many investors have been very emotional recently and can understand.

There are still two points. The first point is the market decline this time. To put it bluntly, I think it belongs to the normal fluctuation of the stock market itself.

If you can't bear such fluctuations, in fact, you really have to seriously evaluate your own risk tolerance.

Second, as an ordinary investor, you have to pay a little to make money.

What you pay is not that you pick up your phone, open the software, click on a stock symbol, and then buy it.

Is this your contribution? This is your enjoyment, and you look forward to making money right away when you buy it.

What you pay more is that it did not rise after you bought it, or even fell. The pain and suffering, and even the final value discovery, can finally rise.

The pain and the psychological feeling of suffering, and the time is your cost.

If you don't pay any cost, you want to be able to gain something, but it's impossible. God is fair.

In addition, no one can predict the short-term ups and downs of the market, nor can we do it, but we believe that long-term judgments are still very clear.

Everyone is like this. Only by making short-term sacrifices can we get long-term benefits.

One more sentence for everyone. Someone once asked Buffett, saying that value investing is so simple, why don't people do it?

Buffett has an answer. He said that because most people are unwilling to get rich slowly.

Value investing may not be effective in the short-term, and it can even be wrong in the short-term, but it must be effective in the long-term.

But the problem is that most people focus on the short-term every day, hoping to be able to rise at all times, and are unwilling to bear the decline.

Of course, correspondingly, if it is effective in the short-term and effective in the long-term, everyone will regard it as a standard.

For example, if we give you an investment path and method, there will be no fluctuations every year, and a 10% or 15% return will be issued to you at the end of the year. This product will be sold out.

Is the fact possible? impossible.

Well, this is still a little investor education.

Again, anyone can give you any suggestions. The account is in your hands, and the transaction password is also in your hands, right?

I suggest you listen to it carefully. Friends who have lost their mentality should actually think about one thing seriously. Is this stock market suitable for me?

Because I am very responsible to tell you that if you continue to invest in the stock market, it is normal for you to encounter such volatility, or volatility worse than this, in your future stock market investment, and you must accept it.

If you can't accept it, don't play this round, it's better for you.

It’s better to buy some bank money management money fund, not to lose money, right?

Since we have come to the stock market, we hope to obtain higher returns than bank financial management, but correspondingly, you must acknowledge this volatility and risk.


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